Thursday, February 3, 2011

What a Glorious Day

The sun is shinning and it's beautiful....A very nice change from yesterday.  My husband and son had to work late so my nice neighbors cleared our drive and sidewalks.  Both husband and son made it home okay and while we were eating dinner the snow plow came and cleared our street.  In doing so they filled our driveway approach and blocked my husbands van.  So he had to go out and clear a way the snow so he could get out.  This morning he repaid the neighbors by going out and removing the snow deposited in their driveways.  It's nice to have good neighbors.

I did get some sewing done yesterday.  2 more blocks for the Tread Head Quilt-a-Long.  I would have had to make 5 more blocks to get caught up....but now it is 6.  Joanne posted the 15th block.  Her blocks are beautiful.  Sometimes I think I was nuts to do 6" blocks instead of 9".  They have been challenging but I've been happy with the outcome.

I got the center of my sunflower basted on.  Next I need to think of what type of border to do.  It will definitely be a pieced border, but I'm not sure if it will be a piano border in neutrals or a block done in light and dark neutrals.  It will be fun to play.

Have a quilty day......Hugs, Cat


Allie said...

Isn't it pretty today? My kitty has been in a sunbeam all morning, following them all over the house. Our neighbor [not sure which one!] cleaned our walks for us too.

Your blocks are so beautiful, and I'm in love with your sunflowers!

Mama Pea said...

It has sure been nice seeing the sun for a couple of days, huh? Nice job on your blocks!