Wednesday, February 2, 2011

We Survived.....

Well, it wasn't as bad as we thought.  They said we got 6" to 10".  I think we were somewhere in the middle.  Although it's hard to tell.  The wind was so strong last night and the snow drifted quilte a bit.  This is a picture outside my front door.  It's snowing right now, but it is a fine snow.  It is suppose to stop sometime around noon. 

I hope everyone in the line of the storm survived as well. 

Besides worrying about the storm, I got some sewing done.  I worked on Barbara Brackmans Civil War Blocks. 
The sawtooth star block was easy.  It is one of my favorite blocks and I have made it many times.  Texas Tears is another story.  This is the second one I made.  I won't even show you the first.  It was sooooo bad that it wouldn't lay flat.  So I printed up the block in blockbase and found I was cutting the pieces for the X to wide.  I'm happy with my final result.
So now I have 3 done and 2 to go.

EQ posted February's block.  I'm always so last minute with everything that I decided to get this one done right away.  My choice of colors is so different from the samples they give, but I always did like to be different. 

And BTW I found the fabric for the center of my sunflower.  I was looking for something different and there it was.  So today I will cut out the center, baste it down and applique it tonight. 

Now I'm going to have another cup of coffee, one of my breakfast muffins, and then off to the sewing room.  Today I'm going to work on my Thread Head Quilt-a-Long blocks.

Have a quilty day.....Hugs, Cat


Mama Pea said...

Glad you survived all right. They saw we got 11 inches, but we thought it was only 5 due to the drifting. Who knows. My husband just got done shoveling and plowing. He's tired. The university is closed. I want to do some sewing, but Elsa keeps asking me to go play outside with her.

donna said...

The picture out of your front door looks so pretty. It has been in the 2o's here in South East Texas they are saying it is going snow here tomorrow. We hardly ever get weather like that.
(Rare) I love your blocks and it is ok to do things different. I like different outside the box.

Karen said...

I enjoyed seeing your Civil War blocks and will be taking a look around your blog. See lots of interesting projects!