Tuesday, June 14, 2022

June is Half Way Over

 I can't believe how fast this month is moving along.  Of course, the first 5 days was spent camping.  It was wonderful.  Cool weather, clear skies and great company.  I had so much fun I didn't take any pictures...so you'll just have to take my word for it.

I had time to get some sewing done.

1.  Aviary BOM.

This is block 4 from last month.  I finished it on May 30.  I did add it to the top of my blog but didn't get to blog about it.  This took forever to get all the leaves done.  I'm surprised it turned out as well as it did.

2.  Prairie Flowers.

I love these little blocks.  I want to make all the blocks in the book and then I will decide what quilt to make.

3.  Autumn Frolic.

I love this BOM.  Autumn is my favorite time of year, so I am always drawn to quilts with an Autumn vibe.  We are close to the end of this BOM.

4. Blue Skies BOM.

These are this months 3 blocks.  Each block has a separate block design and then they all have the same border.

5.  Manchester by the Sea.

The bouquet blocks were a bear to make.  If you look closely the cone shape is different in each block.  Not by design.  They were very hard to make.  But other than this block I am really enjoying this BOM.

We have been having some beautiful weather here in Michigan.  It's been in the 70's and 80's.  This ends tomorrow.  The weather will be in the 90's, and I don't do well in the heat.  We don't have central air but we do have a room air conditioner in the bedroom.  Luckily Hubby put it in yesterday.

I still have lots to do this month.  I'm not sure if I will be able to work on this month's UFO.  Especially since we are going camping again for the 4th of July weekend.  This time both daughters will be going.

Thanks so much for stopping by.  I hope you found something to inspire you.

Hugs, Cathy

Monday, May 30, 2022


 Lots happening here.  Some good some not so good.  First Hubby came down with the flu (not covid).  He was sick for a couple of days.  Then as it usually happens, I came down with it.  As usual, I got it worse and was sick for a week. 

On the 19th my youngest daughter had surgery done.  She had had a partial hysterectomy a few years ago.  They found a mass and decided to do a total and removed the mass.  It was benign and she is doing wonderfully.

The last couple of days we've been getting our travel trailer ready to go camping next weekend.  We are camping with my oldest daughter and her husband.  I can't tell you how happy it makes me that they want to spend so much time with us.  We have another two camping trips planned.

Now to share my sewing projects.

1.  May Monthly Mini

When I've had some spare time, I've been cutting out 3" finished half square triangles with my Accuquilt Go cutter.  I really wanted to do a pieced mini this month and this is what I came up with.  

2.  Fig Tree quilts Autumn Frolic BOM

My birthday is in October so I'm and Autumn baby.  I love anything to do with Autumn.

3.  Open Skies BOM by Connecting Threads

This is month 2 and already my husband has claimed this quilt.

4.  Prairie Flowers by Joe Morton

This month I got lots of practice sewing circles.

5.  Red and Green Blocks

Each month I put the blocks up on my design wall so I can see the blocks I already made and what fabrics I used so I don't make any duplicates.

These are the blocks I made this month.

6.  Finally my APQ UFO #11 for May

This month's UFO was Fig Tree Quilts Strawberry Mystery BOM.  I had completed 6 months of the patterns.  That left 6 to go.

The photo is not the best, but it will do for now.  The pattern called for a pieced border on the long sides.  I decided I was going to add a plain border all around the quilt.  I've ordered the fabric and I'll show a photo of it when finished.

I've been working on my Aviary block, but it was slow going.  I will have something to show you after my camping trip.

I hope you are having a great Memorial Day weekend.  Ours has been quiet and we will be celebrating when we go camping.

Thanks so much for stopping by.  I hope you found something you liked.

Hugs, Cathy

Friday, May 6, 2022

Every Month is a New Beginning

 I love the beginning of the month.  I write up my list of what I want to accomplish.  I have my BOM's, new projects and my APQ UFO of the month.  I try and keep the list to 10 projects.  More than 10 and I won't get them all done.  Less than 10 and I'm running around looking for something to do.

1. This month's APQ UFO for May is #11, Fig Tree Quilts Strawberry Garden.  I had 7 months finished.  I started working on Month 8.  This is the first month that we started putting sections together.

I had to make a few blocks but mostly I made filler blocks.  It was really nice to see the quilt taking shape.  I've got the blocks that I made for Month 9 up on my design wall.  I still have to make a few more blocks and then filler blocks and borders.

2.  I got my monthly packet of fabrics and patterns for the Manchester by the Sea by Fig Tree Quilts.  The colors in this quilt make me so happy.

The sailboats or Dinghy's as the pattern calls them are so adorable.  

3.  Bee in My Bonnet Sew Happy Quilt.

One of these cherry blocks will in the center of a Hole in the Barn Door block and the others will stand alone.  These blocks are 4 1/2".  I only work on these when I need a quick project to work on.

4.  My final project is 4" bow tie blocks.

I have a bag of plaids and stripes and when I get a few spare moments I pull out my Electric Accuquilt Cutter and my Bowtie die and cut away.  This will be an on- going project.  No end in sight.  When I get enough for a quilt I'll stop.

I did start working on some of these projects April 29th.  The rest I started on May 1st. I feel very accomplished.  It's a good feeling.

Tuesday I went to the Urologist for my 6th month check up after having Bladder Cancer Surgery.  I go every 3 months and have a cystoscopy.  Good news every thing looks good.  So back again in August.

I hope you are enjoying some good weather.  Our weather has been good one day and rain the next.  I'm learning to enjoy the good ones.

Thanks so much for stopping by.

Hugs, Cathy

Saturday, April 30, 2022

It's that time again

 Time to share some more projects I've been working on.

1.  Monthly Mini.  I chose a Jan Patek pattern.  I made it just before Easter so I could hang it on the wall for Easter.

Isn't it cute.  I chose to use a gray print for the inner design.  Be sure to visit Wendy @ The Constant Quilter.

2.  April APQ UFO is a block of the month by Aunt Em called "September Sun".

I had 3 columns finished and needed two more columns.  I now need to find a backing fabric so I can get it quilted.

3.  Aviary BOM

I'm loving how this block turned out.  It is also the block in my header. 

4.   Prairie Flowers by Joe Morton.

This is a quilt I have been wanting to make for years.  I knew I had the book but couldn't find it.  I looked high and I looked low.  I finally found the book in my bedroom.  It was in a pile of books I wanted to read.

5.  This is a sneak peak of a quilt I am making for a Christmas gift.  In fact I am going to make 2 of them.  The top is finished.  From the picture below can you tell what it will be?

Call me crazy, but I love it.

Speaking of crazy...it's the only way to describe our weather.  We went from 40 degree weather to 80 degrees the next day and then back to the 40's again.  The last couple of days have been in the 60's so I'm hoping Spring is finally here.

Thanks for stopping by.

Hugs, Cathy

Sunday, April 10, 2022

The Sun is Shining

 It's been so long since we've had sunny weather.  It is beautiful out.

I've been getting lots of sewing time in.

1.  Celebrating Mary Brown

I started this block last month.  It took some time to get all the little flowers finished.  I'm really happy with how it turned out.

I started a couple of new BOM's this month.

2.  Open Skies BOM by Connecting Threads

I love the blues in this quilt.

3.  Manchester by the Sea by Fig Tree Quilts.

I think this is going to be my favorite. 

4.  Autumn Frolic Month 7

I need to applique the owl's eyes.

5.  Sew Happy Quilt by Lori Holt.

These blocks are 4" and eventually will be the center of a couple of blocks.  

6.  Red and Green Quilt.

7.  This month's APQ UFO is #3.  That is my September Sun by Aunt Em.

I had 3 columns finish with 2 to go.  I'm pretty sure I can get the top finished this month and possibly quilted.

Thanks for stopping by.  I'm getting ready to watch the Tiger game.  Hopefully I can finish my Aviary block 3 and if time allows, I have my April Mini prepped and ready to go.

Have a great day. 

Hugs, Cathy

Tuesday, March 29, 2022

End of the Month

 It's the end of March and we've had snow and strong winds.  This weather is unreal.

I have a few projects to share with you.

1.  March Mini

I so love Gnomes.  I found this one and fell in love with it.  I made it early enough in the month that I could hang it for St. Patrick's Day.  Be sure to check out Wendy's blog.  There are more March Mini's to see.

2.  Aviary BOM block 2.

It's not perfect but it is finished.  I've put it at the top of my blog.

3.  APQ UFO #3  Home For the Holidays

Excuse all the loose threads.  I had 3 rows made and had 3 to go.  It took a lot of time to finish this top.  I wasn't able to get it quilted but hope to soon.

That's it for now.  Looking forward to seeing what UFO I will be working on in April.

Thanks for stopping by.  I hope you have better weather than we are having.  I'm looking forward to some warmer weather.

Hugs, Cathy

Wednesday, March 16, 2022

Time Flies

 Especially when you are busy.  I was hoping to post earlier.  I didn't realize the date.  Better late than never.

We have had the craziest weather.  Cold, snow, rain, warm and cold again.  Yesterday it was cold.  The temp was in the 20's.  Today it is in the 50's.  The sun is shining and the sky is blue. I'm hoping the weather is going to stay right where it is so I can start walking again.

Meanwhile in my basement sewing room I've been busy.

1.  My APQ UFO is Home For The Holidays.  It is a BOM from Connecting Threads and ran for 6 months.  I got the first 3 months done.  

These are the last 3 rows.  I need to add a strip of fabric between each row, then I need to add an inner border.  The next border is made up of squares of the fabric used in the blocks.  And finally add the final border of black fabric.  I hope I can finish this one this month.

2.  I started a quilt last month for one of my daughters who is having surgery.  It was supposed to finished by the sixth of this month but they delayed it till May. 

It was made using batiks.  I have all the blocks sewn together.  I need to add an inner border and outer border then quilt it.

3.  Red and Green Blocks.  I'm trying to make 2 blocks a month.

Here are this month's blocks.

And above are all the blocks I have made so far.

4.  Autumn Frolic from Fig Tree Quilts.

Each month the blocks get sweeter.  I love the gathering basket and the mushrooms.

5.  Be My Neighbor.  I decided to work on this quilt Pat Sloan is hosting.

This is block one.

I continue to work on this month Aviary block.  Hopefully I will be finished in a day or two so I can show you the block.

I hope you are enjoying some good weather and that Winter has finally left us.  Thanks so much for stopping by.

Hugs, Cathy