Monday, May 2, 2016

Gwennie Inspired Medallion Quilt Along

I am so excited to tell you about a new project.  Last week Lori @ Humble Quilts posted on her Facebook page asking if anyone would like to participate in a project she had in mind.  Of course I said yes.

The project involves 5 bloggers who are fans of Gwen Marston.  We will be making a Medallion Round Robin quilt.  We will not be mailing our quilts out but will be working on the rounds ourselves.  Each month one of us will be responsible for coming up with a theme for our quilt.  This month we will be working on the center medallion.   Lori has chosen baskets for the theme.

We will be posting pictures the first Monday of each month to share our quilts and let you know what the theme is for the next round.  You are all invited to join in on the fun.

Be sure to check out our blogs to see what we have come up with.

I have been a big fan of Gwen Marston for years.  I took a class with her about 15 years ago and learned so much.  

This is the quilt I made in her class.  All free form applique.  Not templates

And this is the book I am using for inspiration.  

I hope you will join in on the fun.  Come back next month to see what the theme will be for the next round and see what we have made for our center medallion.

Thanks Lori for coming up with such a great project.

Hugs, Cathy

PS:  Don't forget about the giveaway I am having for a copy of Quiltmaker Magazines 100 Blocks Vol 13.  Enter Here  

Sunday, May 1, 2016


I let it leak that I was a block tester for Quiltmaker Magazine for the 100 Blocks Vol. 13.  They kindly sent me 3 issues of the magazine.  One for me and two to share with you.  Quiltmaker is going to start their Blog Tour May 2-6.

Before I give you the giveaway information I want to share the blocks that I tested.  There were 8 groups testing blocks for Vol 13.  My group tested 12 blocks.

Block #1207  "Roary"
Designed by Janet Maurer

#1216 "Cloud Burst"
Designed by Cheryl Brickey

#1217 "Four of a Kind"
Designed by Jenifer Dick

#1222 "Pinwheel Star"
Designed by Nancy Mahoney

#1227 "Haywire Pumpkin"
Designed by Elizabeth Angus

#1231 "Ladylike"
Designed by Cheryl Brown

#1241 "Dawn's Early Light"
Designed by Bonnie Hunter"

#1244 "Shelton"
Designed by April Mazzoleni

#1249 "Brisa Bunny"
Designed by Margie Ullery

#1270 "Dancing in the Rain"
Designed by Kelli Fannin

#1286 "Bric-a-Brac"
Designed by Deb McDonald

#1291 "Churning Nine"
Designed by Doris Rice

It was so much fun testing these blocks.  So much so that I signed up for Vol. 14.  

Now for the giveaway....Leave a message telling me which of the blocks I tested that you like best.  You will have until Thursday May 5th.  I will pick winners Friday May 6th.  I won't be able to mail out the magazines until Tuesday May 10th as I will be out of town.  You don't have to be a follower but I would sure like it if you were.  Thanks for stopping by and good luck in the  giveaway.  Entries must be made on this post.

Hugs, Cathy

Saturday, April 23, 2016

Sweet Gum Leaf

Oh the torture....  I started on this block right away.  The dreaded Y seam did me in.  I stacked all the pieces for the block on a design board and put it up.  Then yesterday I was checking out blogs and visited one of my favorites Fun with Barb .  She is also doing Barbara Brackman's BOM Westering Women.  However she is doing her blocks to finish at 9".  She did her block using HST.

I was going to do the same and then I remembered a pattern I saw for 8 pointed star where you didn't have to do Y seams.  So thanks to Barb for her inspiration.

Top diagram is the block directions from Blockbase.  The bottom is how I redrafted the block.  What a difference in sewing but not in how it looks.

I appliqued the stem.  It took about 20 minutes to sew the block.  I spent over an hour trying to get one Y seam made.  Love this block.

Next month I am going to be having a giveaway.  What you don't know is that for the last 6 months I have been testing blocks for Quiltmakers 100 Blocks Vol. 13.  I so enjoyed it.  For my participation they have sent me 3 issues of the magazine.  One for me and two to give away.  So stay tuned and watch for the giveaway the beginning of May.

Thanks for stopping by and enjoy the weekend.

Hugs, Cathy

Thursday, April 21, 2016

Feeling So Much Better

For the first time in months I have energy.  I actually feel like doing something rather than just sitting all day.

We are going to be going camping a couple of times next month with my daughter and her family.  My granddaughter is going to be playing in a couple of baseball tournaments and it's easier to camp than drive back and forth everyday.  Sunday Terry and I decided to take a ride out to the first campground and check it out.  We hadn't been there before.  We were really happy with the campsite we are at.  So looking forward to camping.

Meanwhile back at the ranch....

I've been working on a few projects.

First up my 1857 Sampler Quilt.  Here are Aprils blocks 11-14.  I am so happy with the way they turned out.  It took me so long to learn how to do needle turn applique and I'm loving it.  I thought the floral block was going to be hard but I got it done in 2 nights while watching Tiger baseball.

I've been wanting to start another applique project for a while.  It is the Red and Green quilt designed by Wendy Wellum at Legend and Lace that she offers for free.  She started posting patterns in January and just posted May's early.
So I printed up the 5 patterns and started January's block.

This one is call Clover and Spades.  The only problem I had with this block is I used a stiff fabric and had a hard time turning the edges under.  But I pretty happy with how it turned out.  Today I'm going to start on February's block.

Next month I am going to be starting a new project.  I'm joining Lori at Humble Quilts in making Jan Patek's  pattern called Front Porch.  It is a 10 month BOM and that is what we are going to be block a month.  A few of us are doing it and have just ordered the pattern.  We will be starting in about a month.  

Well today our skies are overcast and it's been raining steadily.  Good day to sew.  Our dog Sammie has an appointment at the hair dresser..LOL..for a shampoo, cut and nails.  Can't wait to see her finished.

Thanks so much for stopping by and have a wonderful day.

Hugs, Cathy

Thursday, April 7, 2016

Under the Weather

But feeling much better.  Went to the Doctor's because I had no energy.  Turns out I had a UTI and my sugar was high.  They found sugar in my urine..(sorry).  Antibiotics cleared the infection and she put me on insulin.  It's been a little over a week and I'm feeling much better.

I managed to get a few hours of sewing done.

I got all the blocks made and sewn together for Cheri Payne's Scrap Basket Quilt along.  Next week we get the directions to finish it up.  These blocks are 4" finished.

These are March's Cabot Cuties II blocks.  Some were pieces some are paper pieced.  These are a $5 BOM from Sentimental Stitches.  I'm also working on her 1857 Sampler but have nothing to show at this time.

Finally the April Sugar Block Club block.  

Well done for the present.  Hoping the weather changes and it gets warmer then I can get out and walk.  Doctor said I need to get more exercise.

Thanks for stopping buy.

Hugs, Cathy

Wednesday, March 23, 2016

The Flu is Here

And I got it.  Not feeling to well and not getting too much quilting done.  Just a little applique.

Here are the balance of the marathon sewing I did last weekend.

I just finished the applique on this quilt top.  It is called Everyday Patchwork.  It was a free Sew Along by Cheri Payne that she held on her blog.  The applique really makes the quilt.

I also finished my Speedwell Quilt top.

This quilt top was so easy to make.  I got it all cut out in a couple of hours.  This is a free pattern that was posted on the Moda Bake Shop Blog.  I've already got plans for making another one in a different color.  The pattern calls for using a layer cake.  

Here are all the blocks I have made so far for the Splendid Sampler Quilt.  For some reason this picture is fuzzy.   Hopefully when I get more blocks done I can get a better picture.

Well, I'm going to go sit and put my feet up, watch some TV and drink some Ginger Ale.

Thanks for stopping by and have a great day.

Hugs, Cathy

Monday, March 21, 2016

Sewing Marathon

I have spent the last 3 days happily sewing in my sewing room.  I still need to get some pictures taken so I'll show more tomorrow.

I spent my evenings doing hand applique.  I have 2 of the 4 March blocks for the 1857 Sampler Quilt.

I have to say I wasn't too pleased when I saw these blocks.  But I'm happy with my rendition.

Even though it doesn't look like it the pieces are centered.  I did a bad job cropping them.  It is taking me a bit longer to get the blocks done because I am doing needle turn applique.

Here are my blocks for Cheri Payne's Scrap Basket Sew Along.  She is so generous with her talent.  I know there is going to be some applique too.  My favorite.

I am finishing up some applique on another Cheri Payne quilt....when done I'll have some more pictures to show you.

Today the sun is shining.  It is a little cool out.  My daughter Kelley and I are going to start walking on her lunch hour.  There is a park near her work that has a nice walking trail.  So everyday I will meet her there and we will walk...time to get into shape.

So glad that we finally have some nice weather.  My son Patrick who lives in the Upper Peninsula is having terrible weather.  SNOW....3-4 inches every other day.  And I have some great granddaughter Ashley (the hockey player) and her team went to Alpena this month for the State Finals for hockey.  Guess what?  The won.  They are the State Champs for their region.

They were so excited.  My son told me they went by bus.  On the way home when they came into Munising they were met by local and State police.  They were escorted all the way home picking up more police.  And there was a huge crowd of people waiting for them at the Ice Arena at NMU.  I am so proud of them.  They did not let a single goal against them and my granddaughter scored a goal and assisted in a goal.  I'm proud of my son too.  He is one of the coaches.

Thanks for stopping by.  Hope to have a few more photos for you in a couple of day.

Hugs, Cathy