Sunday, May 3, 2015

Mini Jacobs Ladder Tutorial

I posted this quilt on Instagram.

The blocks are not sewn together yet.  The blocks finish at 4".  I made all the blocks in one day using 5" charm squares for each block.  I was asked if there was a tutorial for this block and since I didn't know of one I said I would post one myself.  I've never done one before.  Let me know if you have any questions.

Step one.  Choose 2 contrasting charm squares.  Put them right sides together.  At this point I prefer to trim slightly to remove pinked edges.  

Step 2.  Keeping right sides together through the cutting steps, cut a 1 1/2" strip.

Step 3.  Turn the piece and cut another 1 1/2" strip from the short end.

Step 4.  Cut the remaining piece in half diagonally.  You now have 4 pieces.

Step 5.  Sew along one side of the 1 1/2" strips and along the diagonal side of the triangles.  Iron the pieces open with the seam allowance toward the dark side.

Step 6.  At this point trim the half-square triangle units to 2 1/2" square...  Cut the 1 1/2" strips at 1 1/2" segments.  You will have a total of 5 - 1 1/2" units.  You only need 4 of these units.  Sew 2 of these units together twice to make 2 4 patch units.

Step 7.  Lay out your pieces as shown above.  Sew the top 2 sections together Part A and then the bottom 2 sections together, Part B.  Now sew Part A and Part B together.

Here is the finished block.  It is 4 1/2" and finishes at 4".  It is a sweet block and a very easy block to make.

I hope you enjoyed the tutorial.  Have a great day.

Hugs, Cathy


Impera Magna said...

How cute! Love your tutorial! What a cool way to make a Jacob's Ladder block...


Kyle said...

Fantastic! A super cute block and a great use of charms.

Ray said...

Great job, Cathy! It's like you've been writing tutorials forever. :-)

Janet O. said...

Excellent job, girl! Very cute little blocks. : )

Kathy ... aka Nana said...

Wow, fabulous tutorial. You made it so easy! I just joined Instagram ... more to see what other quilters are posting than to post myself. Is your Instagram public? If so, can you share so we can follow it, too?

Flickenstichlerin said...

Perfect tutorial Cathy,
easy to read and such a neat and cute little block.

Needled Mom said...

It looks fabulous and you did a wonderful tutorial.

Lori said...

You make it look so easy! Great job!

Carrie P. said...

great job!

Allie said...

Well done Cathy, that was a good tutorial! I do love that block.