Sunday, January 8, 2012

I Just Love Pink Lemonade

I'm doing the quilt-a-long with Lori.  I love the name "Pink Lemonade".
The pink I am using is a vintage bubblegum pink.
These blocks are only 4 inches and so cute.  I can't wait to get the
rest of the directions.

As you know, I try and change the quilts in my living room every month.
January reminds me of the winters spent on Big Manistique Lake
with my Dad.  So here are my winter in the cabin quilts.

This is called "Cabin in the Woods"  It is a row quilt I participated
in quite a few years ago.  I did the log cabin strip with the log cabin
trees.  It is one of my favorite wall quilts.

This is "Log Cabin Cats".

This was the first quilt I made when I moved up north with Dad.
I just love Moose.  My biggest disappointment while up north is that
I never saw a moose in person.  But I heard there were
plenty in the area.

It is beautiful out this afternoon.  The sun is shining and it's not
too cold out.  I would love to go walking but my sewing room is
calling...You need to work on your

So I wish you a quilty day with lots of sunshine.

Hugs, Cathy


MB in MI said...

Beautiful quilts, Cathy! And beautiful weather for us in the state! Enjoy your Sunday... :-)

Carrie P. said...

Great quilts to hang during this season.
Off to check the link.

Maureen said...

Lovely pink lemonade blocks! Isn't this a fun project?
I admire the mix of blocks in your log cabin quilts - especially the diagonal set of the log cabin blocks.
So did you walk or sew or do both? I just took a walk with my son and dogs and plan to head down to the sewing room soon. take care.

Allie said...

Love that Pink Lemonade! I too love the name, and I love your vintage pink. Darling quilts - love that Cabin in the Woods!!!

Janet O. said...

Haven't started on Lori's QAL yet, but I've pulled my fabrics. Your blocks look very cute. Can't wait to get to it!
All of your "winter" quilts look beautiful. Love the colors you have chosen. I like those log cabin trees--very clever!
I had several close encounters with moose when living along a river in Idaho years ago--too close for comfort sometimes. And if you want to see bunches of them, make a visit to Yellowstone Park!

Anonymous said...

lovely quilts Cathy

Linda said...

Gorgeous quilts!!
Your version of PL is going to be beautiful!

Mama Pea said...

Great quilts. One time, when we were riding horses, I told my husband (we weren't married yet) I hadn't ever seen a moose, and I felt discouraged by it. He said he'd take me up to this one part of the mountain where he always sees moose. We went up there, and sure enough, we saw one! It was this HUGE moose my husband had seen before. He calls him "Arnold Schwartzemoose" because he's so big. Since then, when in Wyoming, I also saw a cow and a calf moose together. That was special! (also while out riding horses)

Leanne said...

Your quilts are beautiful