Monday, June 6, 2011

What Fantastic Weather

Sorry to go on and on about the weather but I've been enjoying it.  More on that later....

The latest Barbara Brackman CW block.  One of the few projects I'm actually keeping up with.

This is my latest Alzheimer's quilt.  I used the 15 minutes play method.  I made this quilt in about a half hour.  It is all sandwiched and I plan on hand quilting it today.  You might remember the last quilt I made for Alzheimer's Art Quilt Initiative..."Scraps of Hope".  I'm happy  to say that it sold for $40.00.   If you can... make a quilt, if you can't... buy a quilt.  It all goes for a great cause.   Click here to see all the wonderful quilts made for this cause.

Now back to the weather.  It was so nice out yesterday.  Hubby and I went out to Stoney Creek Metro Park.  We stopped and picked up Subway and had a picnic.  But first we walked.

We walked along Stoney Creek.  It was a nice shady walk, at first.  Then we walked in the sunshine.  Very hot and a good workout.

We saw some wonderful wild flowers.  And I had a devil of time getting a picture of this dragon fly.  Most of my pictures were of just the greenery. 

When we got home I went out in the backyard and found that my peonies had blossomed.  These flowers mean a lot to me.  They came from my parents home up north.  After Dad passed away and we were clearing out the house we decided to dig up the peonies.  These plants were transplanted from every home my parents lived in...  They would be very happy to know that they are with me now.

Wishing you a quilty day and lots of sunshine.

Hugs, Cat


Allie said...

Girl, our summer is so short, you NEED to enjoy it! Although I'm not enjoying the thought of the 90's to come....your Alzheimer's quilt is fabulous, that's on my to-do list. The pics of Metro are great, and I love that your parents peonies are living with you. My mom had my grandma's Rose of Sharon, and all her roses, and left them behind when she moved..sigh.

Cheryl said...

Great AAQI donation quilt! Love the wildflower pics and especially the story of your peony!

Yvette said...

What a wonderful park to be able to go to. I just love this time of year.

Great blocks too!

Miki Willa said...

The AAQI quilt is beautiful. Be sure and send me the registration number when you get it so it will be included on the 15 Minute AAQI page.

Betty Lou said...

Love your AAQI quilt, have not heard about the 15 minutes of play method, will look into it. It was 103 on my car temp today----weatherman stated it was only 99---not where I was.

Linda said... it!

Beautiful pics!