Saturday, June 11, 2011

Gone Today Here Tomorrow??

Summer that is.  We are back to cool, damp, gray days.

Woo Hoo....I finished the quilt for Janet.  Janet as you may recall is the Nurse that took such great care of my Dad.  This is the first of many that I will be making for Janet's Infusion Therapy room.  She is an Angel among us mere mortals.

Since it is June it is time to change the quilts.  This is a quilt I made my husband while taking care of my Dad in McMillan (in the Upper Peninsula).  It was a quilt from Fons and Porter Magazine.  It was presented in sections over 6 issues of the magazine.  I lost one of the issues and was so grateful that I found the missing copy at a yard sale.  This is one of my favorites.  I just love applique.

This little wall quilt was a block round robin that I participated in years ago with an AOL group.  I did the 2 birds which I got from a Debbie Mumm pattern.  The first 6 people made blocks, the 7th put them together the 8th did a border and the 9th did the final border, quilted and did the binding.  However, they forgot to put a hanging sleeve on the quilt.  The quilting was done by machine and was just stitched around the borders and the sashing.  I think when I take this quilt down I'm going to remove the binding, quilting and hand quilt it.   It is too sweet to leave it the way it is.

Well I hope everyone is having a great day. 

Hugs, Cat


Yvette said...

Great quilts! I love the hanger you used on the top quilt, I am looking for nice clips like that.

Allie said...

I love the quilt you made for Janet, and the small wall quilts - lovely!

LaDonna and Diana said...

The quilt for Janet turned out great! And I would probably do the same thing about the round robin!


Impera_Magna said...

I love with a capital "L" love your D4P quilt... I'm definitely going to have to make one of those!!!

Lori said...

Unless the machine quilting isn't that good why not just add hand quilting instead of taking it all out? Love your sampler quilt and I'm sure Janet will appreciate the quilt so much. It is beautiful.

donna said...

I love your quilts. You do great work. How sweet of you to make a quilt for your dad's nurse.

Lee Prairie Designs said...

Neat that you made a quilt for your dad's nurse! Love your quilts.

Hope you are having a relaxing weekend.

Carolyn :)