Sunday, February 7, 2016

February Finishes

I finally finished a small quilt that I made last year.  I was all sandwiched together and sat waiting, and waiting for me to quilt it.

 This is a pattern by Cheri Payne and it is called "Flower Basket".  I am such a fan of her.  I don't know why I had waited so long to finish it. 

I worked on my Gray Churn Dash quilt.  The blocks were finished last week and were residing on my design wall.  I really needed to clear off the design wall so I could put up a new UFO to work on.

I like how it turned out.  Next week I hope to get it pin basted and quilted.  It feels good to finish another project from last year.

I have started so many BOM's this year.  I'm trying hard to keep up.

Here is one of this months blocks for the 1857 Sampler from Sentimental Stitches.

I love working on applique in the evening.  I'm working on a second block and should have it finished tonight.

I joined in on the Sugar Block BOM.  I'm using fabric designed by Robin Pandolph.  It is soft and romantic.

This is January's block.  I'm using a soft gray for the background.

This block is almost too light.  I even replaced some fabric in it.  The yellow was a white print.  Even though it is very light I love it.

Thursday we took my Mother-in-Law out for the day.  Went to Port Huron to visit a store I love...Mary Maxims.  I always find something there.  I hadn't been there for years.  When we walked in the first thing I noticed was the store was much smaller.  I went looking for fabric.  They always carry such beautiful fabric.  But not this time.  They have all their quilting items (what little they had) on clearance for 50% off.  I managed to find 4 bolts of fabric I liked.  Bought 4 yards of 3 of them and bought the balance of the bolt (2 yards) of a stripe.  They also had Gutterman thread 50% off.  So I stocked up on some colors I needed.  I show you the fabric in a future post.

We bought Mom a new coffee pot at Meijer's and then took her out to lunch.  She had a wonderful day.  She doesn't get out much.  Dad has dementia.  Most days he is pleasant but ....  My brother-in-law lives with them but has no patience for either of them.  We plan on getting Mom out alone at least once a month.  She is already looking forward to out next day out.

Another overcast day today.  Hubby is off running errands so he can watch the Super Bowl later.  Speaking of the Super years ago to the day the Steelers were in the Super Bowl.  They were my Dad's favorite team.  He was just diagnosed with bone cancer and didn't have long to live.  He so wanted to see the game.  We moved a TV in the room so he could watch it.  Unfortunately Dad died that morning.  We miss him so much.  And will think of him tonight (even though the Steeler's won't be playing) with fond memories.

Have a great day and enjoy the game.

Hugs, Cathy


Houseelf said...

Heartbreaking to hear of your father. It is the yearly reminders which catch us sometimes. Great that you are giving your Mum a break as often as you can. It must be very wearing on her.

Love the flower basket- beautiful warm colour. Then the grey churn dash- almost gossamer in subtlety.I hope you manage all your BOMs.

Karen in Breezy Point said...

All of your projects are so pretty--I especially love your Sugar blocks. I never knew there was a brick and mortar Mary Maxim store--I was only aware of the catalog. How lucky to get there for some bargains!

Kyle said...

Your gray churn dashes are super. They are so muted and yet visually interesting. You always have so many BOMs going, but you're amazing because you always seem to keep you. So glad you could give you're mother in law a fun day. Sounds like you both did.

belarmina said...

Bonitos trabajos !!
me gusta los patrones de Cheri Payne,
buena semana

Janet O. said...

What tender memories of your Dad!
Sweet little finish, Cathy. Isn't it funny how something can wait around so long when it really wouldn't take long to wrap it up?
How nice of you to get your Mom out and about. I'm sure she appreciates your efforts.

Barb said...

What a sad story of your Dad and I know anniversaries are difficult. I was happy to read about your buying trip and look forward to seeing what you got.
Congratulations on your finish! Looks great!

Lori said...

Sounds like a fun day out for both of you!
Mixed feelings about the superbowl. It was always the highlight of my FIL's year- we miss him during the games even more!

Needled Mom said...

Super Bowl Game has a special memory for you now.

I'm glad that you were able to get you MIL out for the day. That is so necessary when dealing with dementia each day.

So good to see that you've had some fun stitching too.

Aunt 'Reen said...

Your little quilt finished so lovely!
Your Churn Dash top is beautiful - love the colors and fabric placement.
Your Sugar Block BOM is off to a wonderful start!
I love your soft muted color choices, just stunning.
So sorry to hear about your Dad! How wonderful that you had such a nice day with Mom. I'm sure she appreciates these special outings.

Karen said...

I am thinking that I made one of the Cheri designs but can't remember if it is a quilted piece yet. I have made so many of Cheri's designs and want to make so many more.

Allie-oops Designs said...

I love both your quilts - I'm working on a little flower design myself right now, I sure need it after the weather today, lol. The gray churn dash is awesome! Love your blocks too.

Is Mary Maxims closing? I guess I should get up there and get some bargains! I know they closed one in Ontario - can't remember exactly where. Sad - I love that store. So good of you to get your MIL out for the day, I bet she really enjoys the break.

So sorry about your dad - I know I think of all the hockey games I watched with mine, those are good memories.