Sunday, April 21, 2013

Woo Hoo

I finally did it.  I finally finished my March Sentimental Stitches BOM.  I got such wonderful ideas from everyone when I tried this block the first time.  I tried to paper piece the block but it didn't work out.  So what I did was draw a line bisecting the Y seam blocks and it worked.  I printed up the templates on freezer paper, cut out my pieces.  Any woo it is.

It may not be perfect...but it is done.

I also got my April block done.

It sort of reminds me of a sunflower.

I told you in my last post how I lost and then found my Mojo...well then I came down with the flu.  Not too bad since I had gotten a flu shot.  But because of it I haven't got too much done.

Here's an update on my April Projects.

1. Joined at the Hip
2. Country Threads
3. Seasonal Applique
4. Almost Amish March & April
5. Patchwork Posse Winter Wonderland
6. Pat Sloan's April Block

On Going
1. Log Cabin Bow Ties
2. Scrappy Trip Around the World
3. Ashley's Quilt
4. Cup Cake Quilt

Sorry to say I didn't get a chance to work on any of them yet.

UFO Busting
1. Plaid Jacobs Ladder
2. Floribunda (The quilt top is finished and will be quilted next week.)
3. Primitive Primer

1.  Small Quilt Talk Quilt Swap.  The top is finished.
2. April's Small Quilt Talk Quilt.
3. Baby Trips Around the World.  Top is finished and should be quilted next week.
4. Sally Post blocks.
5. Henrietta Whiskers.  I got some more hand quilting done.

Well not getting as much done this month as last month.  But I did put too much on my To Do List.  I need to lighten the load.  Nice weather is coming and we will be going camping more often and I won't have as much time for quilting.  Until then I'm going to try and get some more projects done.  

Hope to have more to show you later in the week.

Thanks for stopping by.

Hugs, Cathy


Kyle said...

It is a good feeling when something finally works out right. Nice block. Remember all of this is suppose to be fun. Don't put too much pressure on yourself. :0)

Sharon said...

those blocks are gorgeous!!
I love piecing like that. glad you are back in good form (-:

Betty Lou said...

Beautiful blocks. My friend, Carolyn, just did the same thing. Her quilt was supposed to be paper pieced and she figured out how to make it an easier way. Your both very smart quilters!

Carrie P. said...

Well, I think your redo of the red block looks pretty good to me. i like the yellow one too.
Hope you are feeling much better.

Karen said...

You certainly conquered the March block. Well done!

Yvette said...

I hear ya on lightening the load on the list. I did that this month and I may accomplish everything. I am thinking I may need to lighten it just a tad more next month.

Your blocks look great. Way to go on getting that evil inset seam one finished.

Janet O. said...

Your March block was conquered! Good job!!

Mama Pea said...

Good job getting it done! Looks great. Sorry you got sick. Hope you are feeling better now!