Thursday, April 11, 2013

I Felt Burned Out...

I felt like I lost my focus.  So I took it easy for a day and no sewing.  I read and read and watched movies.   It wasn't much time away from sewing but it helped.

I guess I spent so much time with the block with Y seams that I felt frustrated and unproductive.  So I put the block up.  I haven't given up, but I need to work on other things.  I will definitely get back to it and you will see the most stunning block.  Until then.....

I finished my Floribunda Quilt Top.

I kept the red block because I feel the focus of the quilt is on the yellows and golds.  I rearranged the blocks and started the design in the upper left corner.  It is different...still not sure how I feel about this quilt...but the top is finished and it will be a picnic quilt when all is said and done.

DH and I went to JoAnn's today.  I was looking for some backing fabric for this quilt.  I fell in love this fabric.

For some reason I have been choosing large florals for backings.  This was a little more than I usually pay. Regular price $9.99 a yard.  I had a coupon but couldn't use it as this was on sale.  I ended up paying $6.99.  Now I need to wash it and get this quilt finished.

I also finished the quilt top for my Baby Trip Around the World.

I made it using Bonnie Hunter's directions.  However I cut my strips at 2" wide which made a 10" block.  Instead of making it scrappy I used the same 6 fabrics for each block.  I love how it turned out.  While at JoAnn's I looked for a backing fabric but couldn't find anything I like.  Will look again another day.

A few things I've been working on but do not have anything to show are:

1.  Pat Sloan Quilt from her new book "New Ideas for Applique" has a quilt that is excellent for a BOM.  She is starting it this month with Aprils block.  I should have it done in a day or two.

2.  I've been making quilt labels and sewing them onto the back of recently finished quilts.  I had so many small finishes the last couple of months that they are starting to stack up.

3.  I chose the quilt I want to make for the Small Quilt Talk quilt swap.  I've been in touch with the quilter I am swapping with and I have chosen an appliqued quilt with scrappy blocks.  All I have done is traced the applique pieces to freezer paper.  I have until the end of May to finish it.

As I sit and write this post I am watching the Tigers play the Blue Jays.  It is cold, it is raining and the Tigers are winning.  Let's hope it lasts.  

My son posted on facebook a picture of a weather map.  He lives in the Upper Peninsula.  The map shows they are expecting 1" - 2" an hour.  Last week he still had 3 feet of snow.  So I guess I won't complain too much about our 30 - 40 degree weather and rain.

Hope you have sunshine where you are.  Thanks for stopping by and spending some time.

Hugs, Cathy

P.S.  I want to thank everyone for their suggestions for the Y seam block.  I will use each and everyone of them when I decide to try it again.


Carrie P. said...

that backing fabric is perfect for you Floribunda. I like all the blocks.

Lovin' the baby quilt too.

We have sunshine and 78* today. We have a cold front headed to NC with some rain which my garden needs.

Betty Lou said...

With the busy sewing days you have had it's nice to take a little one day break. You amaze me with your dedication to finish so many projects. I like your idea of taking time to put label on those that needed. I have not labeled4 many of my big quilts, on my wall hangings I write with permanent pen on the back.

Allie said...

Cathy I love both of these quilts, and the backing is just perfect for your Floribunda! Good job! I think I'm taking too long of a break, I can't remember the last time I stitched something.....yikes....maybe next time the sun shines, I'll feel like picking up a needle and thread again. Right now it's so gloomy I just want to sit and read!

Anonymous said...

I love your two quilt tops! I know what you mean about needing a break now and then. I have had the same experience with my machine quilting lately. I just needed to give it a break and move back into some more comfortable territory for a while. Tae care!

libbyquilter said...

LOVE the backing that you chose for your floribunda quilt~!~i think it's perfect~!

sometimes the best thing to do is lay something aside and take a break from it. i know that when I've done this it's like my brain works out stuff (somewhere in the background) and when i come back to the challenge it almost always goes better.


Impera Magna said...

I'm glad you took a little time off to relax/refresh. You've been working very hard sewing lately and you needed the break!

Congratulations on finishing your Floribunda quilt top! I love the backing fabric you found... very cool print.

I know what you mean about JoAnn's... great coupons but so often what you want is on sale and you can't use it... *lol*

Can't imagine it snowing 1-2" per hour... that must be amazing.

Maureen said...

Floribunda is beautiful and I love the backing fabric. I think that's a good price for it. It's good to take a break from things sometimes. Sounds like the rest day did you good - already back to getting a lot done.

Janet O. said...

Floribunda turned out wonderful, don't you think? Great backing fabric.
I sometimes have those days when I just need to "chill" and refill my bucket. : )

Carol said...

OH MY! That fabric is perfect for the back of your gorgeous Floribunda...PERFECT!
Love it!

Mama Pea said...

Very pretty backing fabric! And the baby trip around the world is fantastic.

This weather is such a drag! Cold, windy, rainy, cloudy....I am ready for some sun and warmth. We are supposed to get snow tomorrow!!!!