Saturday, January 29, 2011

Snow Advisories Last Night....

And woke up to more snow this morning.  However, it wasn't as bad as they said.
As you can see it was just an inch or so.  Now if I were up north it would probably be 9 or 10 inches and the picture would be much prettier.

Well I worked on my to-do list.  I only got 3 petals of my sunflower appliqued down last night while watching TV.  I think I watched more then appliqued.  But 3 is better than none.

I did however finish the 4th border for my RRCB.  Today I'm going to make the corner pieces and sew the borders to the top. 

I got my EQ7 January block finished and sent it in to the webmaster but for some reason it has not been posted.  Oh well, at least I made it.  For those of you who don't have EQ7 (and I'm one of them) you can still make the block.  They provide the templates and cutting instructions for you to download and print.  Each month a new block and a chance to win a prize.


I forgot to add something to my list.  That was the mug rugs for the mug rug swap I'm in.  Both are now finished and I just need to sew the binding down on the second one.  Went with a different pattern for it.   I hope the recipient will enjoy them.  I can't wait to see what I get.

Well after one day I worked on 3 projects on my to-do list, finished one, added one and now I need to go in my sewing room and start working on the rest.

I hope you can get some things done on your to-do list or bucket list. 

Have a quilty day....Hugs, Cat


Allie said...

Wow, we got about 3 inches...not too bad....wondering about the big one heading our way though! I think I'll go grocery shopping on Monday just in case.

You are SO BUSY! Your borders look just wonderful, and I love your mug rugs. I feel like I'm getting nothing done -it's all hand work and I'm so SLOW at that. Hopefully I can get something done tomorrow!

Mama Pea said...

You're still cooking. We got a dusting. But I think we've had snow falling from the sky for 27 straight days now. I see flakes drifting down right now!

Sharon said...

First time visitor, brrrr, your heading pictures is beautiful, but it looks cold. Your RRCB is fabulous, I did not join in, (too many other things) but I really like how yours turned out.