Sunday, January 23, 2011

And the Cold Keeps on Coming

Below zero.....Brrrrr.....

Woke up feeling cold and having a cold.  My son has been hacking around the house for a few days now and now I am coming down with it. 

I worked in my sewing room all day yesterday.  I got my RRCB squared up...the green border sewn on and the first of the pieced borders made. 

Hope to get the rest of the borders made today.

I started working on the Civil War inspired quilt designed by Thread Head.  She is doing 9" blocks I decided to do 6" blocks.  It's a bit of a challange doing them smaller but I'm happy with how they are turning out.

I'm also doing a different layout.  I just have it layed out on my design wall.  Not sure if I'm doing the dark brown or not.  I got the idea for the layout from TV.  I was watching a marathon of "Royal Pains" the other day.  There was a tiled wall in the mansion that looked like this.    What do you think?

Well time to get back to sewing...take some cold meds....and stay warm. 

Have a quilty day...Cat


Allie said...

Oh you poor thing - we're fighting it off too, so far so good. Lots of vitamin C! And stay as warm as you can. Your border looks great and I LOVE the way you're laying out the blocks on the CW quilt. Gorgeous!

Mama Pea said...

Looking good, Cat. Hope you are feeling better. I left a comment on one of your other posts, but I'm not sure blogger took it. I got a message that said, "service unavailable..."

ranette said...

Oh I really like the 6" blocks. Very pretty!
I just got over my "cold"....yuck! I hope you get to feeling better very soon!