Monday, January 17, 2011

Hands Up and Step Away From Your Sewing Machine

Can you tell I'm a fan of Top Chef?

Yesterday was one of those days.   I was working on Bonnie Hunter's Mystery Quilt, "Roll, Roll, Cotton Boll". 

 I had all of the Prickly Pear Blocks up on my design was and noticed that some of them weren't just right and would have to be fixed.  I decided to fix them when it was time to sew the top together.  Well, I came to the first block that needed fixing.  I took it apart, and sewed it back together the right way....or so I thought.  Three tries later, after much frustration, I finally got it right.  I knew then that it was time to step away from my machine.

I never had this problem when I was Up North.  Oh I made mistakes, we all do.  But I never got frustrated.  I guess it was because I did most of my quilting out on the porch with a view of the lake.  I would often take breaks and watch the birds at the feeders and it kept me in a zenlike state.

Well since I'm not Up North the next best thing was to go for a ride.  My husband Terry and I took a ride along the St. Clair River.  There is a lot of ice on the river right now and a freighter got stuck.  We got there shortly after the Coast Guard Cutter freed it and they were moving down river.  I always take my camera everywhere so I took pictures.

The Coast Guard had to cut a path for the freighter.  It was really something to watch.

After a nice ride and a good dinner out I was back in the mood to sew.  Here is the close up of the Mystery quilt.

Well today is a new day.  The sun is shinning and the sky is clear.  I'm heading back to sewing room to work on a Block of the Week, a Block of the Month, and the mystery quilt.  Hope you get to accomplish something you have wanted to do.  Have a quilty day.....Cat


Mary said...

WOW - you're RRCB looks great - wish mine was a far along as yours. Beautiful!

Mama Pea said...

I really like your Roll Roll Cotton Boll quilt. I wanted to make it but don't have time right now. I love the neutral backgrounds in this. I collected the patterns but will have to save it for later. Yours looks just great.

Your diversion is fantastic. Where do you live if it's not Up North? It sure looks Up North (from where I am!)

I am the same way. If I make three mistakes in one sitting, I figure it's time to put things away for the day and go do something else. So, that's my rule now!

Jamie in Louisiana said...

Great Job on your RRCB! Don't worry about the ripper, we have all had those days I am sure. But this quilt is worth it. I have been leaving the same message -- "it is amazing how all of our RRCB are so different" using the same pattern, but pulling from our personal stash.

Cathy said...

WHat classifies as up north, since the st clair river is pretty north? RRCB is looking really good.

Vicki said...

I know what you mean, I live Up North and just spent the weekend in Rochester to do some shopping. I find the city a great time when we visit but I am so ready to come home when the weekend is finished. I live a nice slow paced life here but when it gets too boring we go to the city for a change.
btw, your quilt looks great!

Allie said...

Welcome to blogging, Cat! Your work is just gorgeous - so precise!