Thursday, November 15, 2018

Dearest Boy Update

It's time to share the next block in our Dearest Boy sew along.

This is block 3C.  And thank goodness it was a fairly easy block.

Be sure to stop by KarensJulies, and Caroles blogs and see their version of the block.

The weather here has been cold.  We have snow one melts the next day...and it repeats.  At least we don't have any accumulation.

This cold weather has given me time to get some sewing done.  Today I cut out a quilt using 10" squares.  I found the cutting instructions on YouTube.  It's a half square log cabin block.  Hopefully I'll have some blocks to show you next time.

Thanks so much for stopping by.  

Hugs, Cathy

P.S. I totally forgot to post this earlier.


Karen said...

Fat Quarter Shop has a book (reasonably priced) that is for quilts making use of 10 inch squares. I forget how many quilts are in the book but there are several.

We all stuck with the color scheme from the pattern for our blocks this month.

Carole~Quilter on the hill said...

This type of block is not so easy for me - yours looks great and I might have to use the same colours too. Are you machine or hand piecing?

julieQ said...

I love your block! You are right! Very similar

Karen in Breezy Point said...

Pretty block! We had quite a bit of snow , but most of it disappeared today when the temperature went up. I am just hoping we don’t end up with lots of ice—I’ve already fallen once on a frozen puddle while walking the dog—ouch!

Kyle said...

Another lovely block to be added to the growing pile. Cold weather seems to making it's presence know in many places. We've had blizzards and today it's about 65. I'll take the 65 anytime.

Needled Mom said...

It sounds like and early winter for you. The block looks so perfect.

Janet O. said...

A very pretty block!
At least the bad weather gives you an excuse to stay in and sew. :)