Monday, April 30, 2018

A Finish and a Beginning

The finish is "Early American Life".  Karen and I have finished our blocks for this quilt.  I have been putting the quilt together as we worked along.  Here are the final blocks and my finished top.

 Here is block 12.  Once I finished this block I added it to row 3.

 I'm really happy with my choice of fabrics for the sashing and corner stones.

Block 13

Block 14

 Block 15

 Block 16

 And here is my finished quilt top.  I bought this fabric online and was thrilled with how well it went with all the blocks.

It has been such a joy working with Karen on this quilt.  She kept me on point.  Each month it was a surprise to see how her blocks turned out.  This has been the third quilt I have made working with Karen.  I enjoyed it so much that we have chosen our next quilt to work on.

Our next project is "Dearest Boy".

This quilt is going to take a bit longer to make.  Besides the triangle top and bottom border it has 32 10" blocks and the center block is 20".

We will be another partner in crime.  Julie K will be joining in on the fun.  As in the past we will be posting blocks on the 15th and 30th of each month.  I hope you stop by to see our progress.

In case you are wondering.  The quilt behind the book is the Gwennie Medallion Round Robin quilt I made with Lori at Humble quilts.  I just got a new quilt frame (an Ulmer frame) and I'm finally starting to hand quilt it.

Thanks for stopping by.

Hugs, Cathy


Karen said...

Your border print works well. It reminds me of an older fabric I used to have. I have enjoyed working together with you on the quilt and look forward to many more sew-alongs with you. And now Julie!

Karen said...

Do you have a link to the Umley Frame? I did a search but can't find anything.

julieQ said...

I love, love, love your settings and the blocks! I have four all prepped. It will be so fun to sew along with you!

Lori said...

Karen told me that you would be starting on that quilt! It's a beauty, but I had to pass again....
Your blocks and top are really wonderful !!

terry said...

Let us know how you like the Ulmer quilt frame. Have been contemplating getting one. Thanks

belarmina said...

Cathy preciosos bloque.
Maravilloso edredón!!
Estaré atenta al nuevo proyecto

Robin said...

Your quilt has come together very well. The colors are so pleasing. The new quilt will be quite a challenge. I look forward to seeing everyone's progress. I love the Tree of Life blocks.

Needled Mom said...

That looks wonderful. The next one is really going to be a challenge, but will be stunning.

Kyle said...

The shade of blue you chose for the sashing is fabulous. Great choice! The new pattern is going to be fun.

Janet O. said...

Great finish on your quilt top, Cathy. It is beautiful!
Yes, Dearest Boy does look more involved. Looking forward to seeing the various interpretations from the three of you.

sandi s said...

Your quilt came out beautiful!!! That next one you all are going to do looks wonderful. I’ll look forward to watching it come together. I have an Ulmer quilt frame. Hugs,

Allie-oops Designs said...

Oh Cathy that is so darling, I love it!!! Well done! Can't wait to see the new one too, that's a lovely pattern.

Unknown said...

Is this pattern available, or can anyone join your sew along!

Nancy said...

Wonderful quilt. Well done! I think the border and cornerstones are perfect, too. "Dearest Boy" is beautiful. Where did you find the pattern?