Friday, October 18, 2013

Have I told you.....

How much I love Autumn?  Today has been such a beautiful Autumn day.  The sun is shining and the colors are glorious.

We took Sammie out to Wolcott Mill Metro Park for a good work out.  We thought the workout was for her...but we are the ones that got the work out.  I'll show you some pictures of the park but first I want to show you what I have been working on.

I came to the party late....I didn't see Lori @ Humble Quilts latest QAL until the third round.  I'm pretty busy with other projects but I did want to do a smaller version of Lori's block.

 I had this chicken blocks and was always going to make more and have a queen size quilt.  Best laid plans.....  So when this project came along I thought this block would be perfect.  The red borders has these spots that remind me of eggs.  The pieced border was made up of triangles that were trimmed from projects.  I save them in a box and when I have a bunch I used them in other projects.  The 3rd border is chickens.  My quilt measures 13" and will fit perfect on my table quilt stand or on the wall in my kitchen by my chicken collection.  I have 2 tiny buttons for the eyes that I will add after I quilt it.  Thanks Lori for another fun QAL.  This is something I will definitely do again.

I got caught up on my Hip Chicks BOM (Joined at the Hip).

 I am surprised that I have been able to keep up with this.  It is going to be a nice quilt when finished.

I also got a couple of table runners made for Christmas presents.

They are the same size but at the angle I took the picture, one looks longer than the other.  Does it look familiar?  I made another one earlier and have a picture on my left side bar.

Now for our walk.  Wolcott Mill Metro Park is a bit of drive but on such a beautiful day it was enjoyable.  We took a longer drive to get there that took us through the country and down dirt roads.   All of a sudden my husband stopped and said look what is in the front yard of this house.

At first I thought he meant the pumpkins...then I saw them.  PEACOCKS!!! Then Sammie saw them too and started barking and they took off running.

This is the mill that the park is named after.  We've been here many times.  Once a year they have a quilt show.  

I love how they decorate the mill buildings with Scarecrows.

 After we checked out the mill we went for a walk.  They have quite a few hiking trails.  Sammie took us on a real hike.

 It was such a lovely walk.  The trail for the most part was covered in leaves and went up and down some hills.

We came across this tree that was hollowed out at the base.  There were all these tiny mushrooms.  It looked like a fairy garden.

On the way back to the car we missed our path and ended up in a field that had this mess covering it.  We almost stepped on this cute fuzzy caterpillar.

That was the end of walk.  Sammie didn't want to get in the car while Terry and I were dragging our butts and couldn't wait to get in.

I'll leave you now with this picture.  I loved how this leaf was shining against all the brown curled up leaves.

Thank you for stopping by and I hope you enjoyed the photos.

Hugs, Cathy


Maureen said...

We had a lovely day here, too.
The chicken quilt is so cut. Amazing what can be made with leftovers. Just have to wait for the right time!
Happy stitching!

Terry said...

Pretty pictures! I love the mill, and great picture of the woolly bear caterpillar. We came home today and had two of those in the garage, so Emily gently relocated them back outside. :0)

Lori said...

What a fun post! I was here earlier than ran off to chaeck out the Joined at the Hip BOM! So cute and I 've always loved the ease of their directions.
You are doing a great job on yoru blocks and I love the fall Faithful!!

BillieBee (billiemick) said...

Love your little chicken and your other blocks. Thanks for sharing all those photos. Fall is my favorite time of year as well.

Janet O. said...

Such a cute chicken quilt! : )
I love your view of autumn.

Freda Fields Alley said...

Autumn is my favorite season... and it does look beautiful in your neck o' the woods as well!

You're staying busy with your quilty projects... best way I know to stay outta trouble! ;)

Love that chicken block!

Doniene said...

I LOVED the photos!!! What a treat!!! The peacocks and the fall outdoors are just lovely!!

Your quilty projects are lovely, too!!


Carrie P. said...

Looks like you have been busy.
Nice photos from your hike too.
We call the fuzzy caterpillars wooly worms. Up in the NC mountains they have a festival dedicated to the wooly worm. Supposedly the worm is supposed to be a predictor of how much snow we will get each year. Don't ask me how though.

Anonymous said...

Love your chicken quilt! How fun that it is so different from Lori's! You fall pics are lovely too. Michigan really is beautiful in the fall.

Allie said...

Your chicken is so cute!!! And I love all your blocks from the BOM. That is going to be a gorgeous quilt. The table runners are lovely!!

I do like seeing all your wandering pics. Sammie is too cute!

Sinta Renee said...

I love your holiday table runners! Your autumn photos are beautiful!

libbyquilter said...

now that is one CUTE 'faithful' quilt~!!~ love that you used applique in your center and the chicken is SO much fun~!