Friday, October 11, 2013

Autumn....My favorite time of year!

I guess it is because I'm an Autumn Baby.  My birthday is the 14th of this month.  We celebrated Autumn by going up north and visiting my son Patrick, his wife Courtney and my granddaughter Ashley.

I always like to take up gifts when we go to visit.  I took Ashley a container of cake mix to make 3-2-1 Micro wave cakes.

This is what I took up to Courtney.

 Ashley and I hung it on the table quilt hanger I got Courtney last Christmas.  She was so surprised.

I've got lots of pictures to show you from up north but first I want to show you a few projects I've worked on since we got back.

These are a sew of the Japanese X block swap I belong to.  These are October blocks.

 These are the next installment of blocks for Joined at the Hip BOM.

Now for some up north pictures.

 Patrick got a dog a few months back.  Roxie is a Red Fox Lab.  She's 8 months old and loves to play.  She thought Sammie was a new chew toy.  They had lots of fun playing together although Roxie backed her into a corner a few times.

The first two day's in Marquette it was sunny but windy.  The rest of the time it rained.  Luckily I got some pictures with the sun shining.

 Lots of color up there, and as you can see a lot of trees have lost all their leaves.  It was really beautiful.

We went to a little park down by the lake.  This is a special place for me.  My Mom and I would go there on picnics when ever we would go to Marquette for our day out.

I just love it when the waves are crashing on the beach.  It is such a beautiful spot.

Standing on the beach you could see the Marquette Lighthouse. 

Thanks for sticking around to see all my pictures.  We were only gone 5 days but it felt like a month.  On our way home we stopped at a rest area for one of Sammie's many potty stops.  Couldn't resist taking a picture of these.

The neatest group of mushrooms.  I've only seen mushrooms like this one other time when I was living with my Dad.

I hope you are enjoying a truly wonderful Autumn.  Thanks for stopping by.

Hugs, Cathy


Terry said...

Happy birthday early! Your pictures of the lake by the park are so pretty! I love the crashing waves too! :0)

Kyle said...

Wonderful photos. It's a favorite time of the year for so many of us.

Martha said...

Oh, I loved all the photos, especially the shoreline ones, beautiful!! The puppy's are cute as can be and so is the little pumpkin. Sounds like you had a wonderful visit, sounds like such fun!! Thanks so much for sharing :^)

Anonymous said...

The UP is lovely this time of year! Enjoyed your pics.

Yvette said...

Happy Birthday to you! Guess what. My birthday is the 14th of October too. :)

Kindred Quilts said...

My,it was windy!!! Wonderful pictures... Love to see fall in other areas of the country!

Carrie P. said...

Happy Birthday!
the water was super choppy that day.
neat mushrooms.

Unknown said...

Hi, I was hoping to ask you a question about the dog. Would you me able to email me? Thanks.