Saturday, January 19, 2013

Where's My Thimble?

I walked in the living room with a little quilt I needed to sew the binding down on.  I looked for my thimble.  I have one of those Jell Thimbles.  Love these rubber ones.  However, it was not where I left it.  Out of the corner of my eye I saw Sammie (our dog) throwing something in the air and jumping to catch it.  You guessed it.  She found my thimble.  Luckily she didn't bite it.  Sorry I had to spoil her fun.

Here is the little quilt I need to sew the binding down on.

This quilt is made from the left over triangles from my hatchet blocks.  Once the binding is sewn down it will be my first finish of 2013.  I still haven't sewn the hatchet blocks together.  But I have been playing and came up with another layout.

It looks similar to the smaller one.  Still undecided.

Did you know that Cheri Payne at Quilts By Cheri had another sew-a-long this past week.  Well, even though I have things to finish I couldn't resist.  

After I finished sewing the squares together I had to audition border fabrics.

First I found the plaid...however it didn't sing to me.

I then tried this wide strip fabric.  I liked it but it still needed some thing else.

I added a black print inner border and I loved it.  This went together so quick. I just love her quilts.

Starting on Monday there are some more quilt a longs happening.  One at Humble Quilts .  Lori found a sweet little quilt and has replicated it for all of us.  Then Sheri at Little Bits of This and That is having another mystery sew-a-long.  I have participated in a couple of them and really enjoyed it.  Her mystery begins on Monday the 28th.

Sentimental Stitches is offering 2 new BOM's for 2013.  They are $5.00 each or if you sign up for both they are $7.00 a month.  I signed up for both.  I went out the other day and bought the main fabrics for both.  One is an applique seasonal quilt and the other is an Amish quilt, although I'm not doing mine in Amish solids and am using an off white background instead of black.  It looks to be a fun year.

Well that's it for now.  Since I have my thimble back I'm going to sew that binding and then go play in the sewing room some more.

Hugs, Cathy


Kyle said...

Glad you were able to retrieve your thimble before its demise. Your newest project look great. I'm sure you'll be missing your participation in the projects for the magazine, but with all of these new quilt alongs you might be glad to have more time to play.

Impera_Magna said...

What a charming quilt you're sewing down the binding on! Great job... and from "leftovers" too! Even better!

I'll have to look for those gel thimbles... I think my LQS has them! With your recommendation, I'll get several at my next visit... I'm always losing them too...


Janet O. said...

I loved my gel thimble, until the needle went through it and into my finger. Ouch!
Cute little quilts--nice hatchet blocks--so colorful.
Love your version of Cheri's simple little quilt. That black border was the perfect touch. I need to get mine finished up.

Sharon said...

Your little quilt is just super! And the one from Cheri's quilt-along looks great too. Looks like you're having fun playing!

Quilter Kathy said...

Adorable quilt! Love the HST one!
You are tempting us with so many great activities in blogland!

Terry said...

All your little quilts are so cute! I love that first one! :0)

Anne said...

Pets and craft supplies - hmm, sometimes a not so good mix, lol. Glad your thimble was unharmed.

Great quilts - love the colours you've used.

Carrie P. said...

so much fun stuff to participate in. Have fun!
I like your final choices for your little 4 patch quilt.

Mama Pea said...

That's funny about your dog! ;-) I love what you ended up with for this little quilt. The black inner border really does it, and I love your choice for the outer border. I am just about to start a big, BOM for making a quilt in my embroidery machine. Should be an interesting challenge for me!