Saturday, July 14, 2012

Time to Reveal my Scrap Squad Quilt

My quilt is revealed on the Quiltmaker Magazine's  Quilty Pleasures Blog.

Below is the original quilt that is in the current issue of Quiltmaker Magazine.

Each member of the Scrap Squad was asked to come up with their own version of the quilt.  I call mine Autumn Glory.

Go over to the Quilty Pleasures blog and see my blog post to view pictures of my journey.

Well as you know I am up north visiting my son Patrick, his wife Courtney and granddaughter Ashley.  We brought up my youngest granddaughter Cassidy so she could visit with her cousin.

It was a beautiful day and we made it to the Mackinaw Bridge in time to have a picnic lunch.

It was so beautiful.  Blue skies and a cooling breeze.  We had an unexpected visitor to lunch.

Unfortunately he brought about 25 family members with him so we had to pack up and leave.

This is the sign that greeted us when we got to Pat's.  I think Ashley was happy to see us.  Terry and I were pretty tired from driving all day so we stretched out and relaxed.  Courtney took the girls swimming in Lake Superior.  Brrrrr  That lake is cold.
While they were gone we had some visitors in the back yard.

A young doe and a young buck.  The pictures are a little fuzzy because I took them through a screened window.  They stuck around for a little while.

This morning my son's neighbor invited him and my husband to fishing on Lake Superior.  The mighty fishermen got up at 6:30am all excited for their adventure.  Around 8:00am my son calls to tell me they were in an accident.  Some one ran a red light and hit the vehicle they were in between the truck and boat.  Everyone was fine, no one hurt in either vehicle.  Truck and boat sustained injuries...the truck can be driven but the boat leaks.  The people in the other vehicle were on vacation.  Husband, wife and 2 kids.  Their vehicle had to be towed.

My daughter-in-law Courtney left to take their jeep and pick up the unlucky fishermen.  I sit here still waiting for them.  I'm am so glad no one was hurt.

So for the rest of the day we have a drag race and we haven't had enough

Well they are home.  I have to check them out.

Hugs, Cathy


Impera_Magna said...

Oh my... I'm glad no one was hurt! But what a bummer! Hope everything works out...

Love your interpretation of the starry quilt... it's a beauty!

I'm used to ants at picnics but I imagine seagulls(?) are less fun...

Janet O. said...

What a blessing that no one was injured. How sad for the family on vacation.
You did a great job on your version of the quilt. Love your fabric selections, too.
We've had picnics crashed by the gulls before. In many National Parks we find the birds have become very accustomed to mooching off the visitors.

Allie said...

Oh CATHY your quilt is just wonderful!!! I love it! Looking forward to autumn breezes, lol...

I think Ashley was excited to see you all! Cute sign. You're really making me long for the UP. But NOT for swimming, lol. Lake Superior is far too cold! I'm really, really glad everyone was ok and not hurt, that could have been so much worse...but so sorry the fishermen lost out on their boating.

Carrie P. said...

Your version of the quilt is great. sounds like you are taking busy and having fun.

libbyquilter said...

there's nothing like a close call to put everything into perspecive. sorry to hear of the damaged vehicle and boat but so glad no-one was hurt.

love your interpretation of the quilt, especially that pumpkin~!!~


Talin's Corner said...

Congrats on getting published. I love the colors and arrangement of your Morning Glory quilt. Going over now to see it.