Thursday, May 26, 2011

It's Time to Build an Ark!!!

I don't know what it is like where you live but here in SE Michigan we've been getting one good day for every 2-3 rainy days.  Yesterday we had some horrible thunderstorms.  Today we have had rain off and on.  It wasn't too bad this morning so Hubby and I went to Metro Beach and walked.  It was fine when we started out but the wind picked up and the temperatures dropped while we were walking back to the car.

Earlier in the week we went for a walk and the sun was shining.

We weren't the only ones walking.  The goose family were taking the little ones out for a walk.

The swan was still sitting on her nest so no little ones there yet.

I've been doing a little sewing on the rainy days.

I got the last 2 Barbara Brackman CW blocks done.  I look forward to every Saturday when she gives us another block.

I totally forgot about my Farmer's Wife blocks.  So Tuesday I drew up blocks 9-12 on EQ and printed up the rotary cutting directions and worked on these.  12 done and so many more to go.  I like having so many different projects going at once.  If I get tired of one, I jump to another.

Today's mail brought me the Lapel Stick I won at Hollyhock Quilts.  And it came at a great time.  I'm working on May's Henrietta Whiskers block and was going to spend the evening thread basting the pieces down.  Now I can try out the Lapel Stick.  I'm hoping it will save me lots of time.

Where ever you live I hope you are safe and sound.  We don't need any more rain, flooding, high winds and tornadoes. 

Wishing you a quilty day.

Hugs, Cat


Betty Lou said...

Beautiful birds. Weather is strange all over the country. We are finially out of a drought, but storms, tornados and hail last Tuesday.

Cheryl said...

Hope the rain ceases soon. Looks like we have at least two of the same projects going...Farmer's Wife and the CW blocks. I hate to admit that I have at least 3 other projects spread out on my sewing room floor at this time!

Allie said...

I tried to get out of my mom's subdivision yesterday, and got all turned around - flooded streets everywhere! At least the geese and swans are happy. Your blocks are wonderful!

Terry said...

We're having about the same weather in Ohio. Although I did see three days of sun in a row on the forecast and I'm really looking forward to it! :0)

Yvette said...

I look forward to hearing your review on the lapel stick. I keep looking for them at the local shops but it looks like I may have to order online.

LOVE, LOVE, LOVE all of your CW blocks.

Kathie said...

yes we need an arc here in NJ as well!
finally the past 2 days sunshine I was starting to forget what it looked like!

Mama Pea said...

We are in Denver for a conference. It's nice to get out of the rain. It was sunny and beautiful here today! A nice change of pace.