Sunday, February 28, 2021

February Month End

It's been a strange month.  Temps close to 0 and yesterday it was 53 degrees and gloriously sunny.  Now let's get to the photo heavy post.

1.  Celebrating Mary Brown.

 Mary, Mary, Mary.  This block had me pulling my hair out.  It's not perfect but it is done.

2.  Mrs. Lincoln's Quilt.

We are getting closer to the end.

3.  Ready For Spring BOW

Blocks 3 and 4.  5 more blocks to go and we are done.

4.  Pat Sloan's Home Is...BOW

The latest 4 blocks.

5.  Sewcialities BOW

The latest 3 blocks.

6.  Annebelle BOM.

This quilt is getting so big I have no where to lay it out.  In this picture it is on my bed.  At the top you can see the round that I just added.

Here is a closeup of this round.  These blocks go around the entire quilt.

7.  Sparkles and Cream Mystery Quilt by Fig Tree Quilts.

These blocks are 5" finished.  They are very muted.  Totally out of my comfort zone.  In the directions they said some of the combinations were hard to read but it is designed to be this way.  We will see.

8.  APQ UFO of the Month.  Derby House.

In order to finish this top I had to finish one Applique block which I did earlier in the month.  Then I had to sew all the blocks together.  And there were a ton of them.  However the setting directions were excellent.  This top was too big to put up on my design wall so I laid it out on my bed and took some photos.

I've been asked how I keep track of all my projects.  This is how I keep on track.

Each month I make a list of all the projects I am working on.  When I finish what needs to be done each month I cross it off with purple marker.  This months list is now fully covered in purple.

Now last but not least.  My Mini for the month.

This is a Quilt Doodles pattern.  I got to try out my buttonhole stitch on the new machine.

Yesterday I got my first Corona Virus vacination.  I go back in 4 weeks for the second shot.

Thanks so much for stopping by.  I hope you found something you liked.

Hugs, Cathy

Thursday, February 11, 2021


 It is so beautiful out but so very cold.  That means I get to do some more sewing.

Here are some projects I've been working on.

1.  Lancaster BOM.  This is a new BOM from Connecting Threads.

There are going to be different size blocks in this quilt.

2. My Favorite Color is Moda.  Cookie Tin fabrics.

This a new BOM.  I am getting it through Homestead Hearth.  There are 6 different colorways.  I chose the Christmas fabrics.  This is block one and is 36".

3.  Ready for Spring.

This is block 2 of the BOW designed by Jeni Gaston.

3.  Barbara Brackman's Hands all Around BOM.

These are blocks for month 2  Again I am doing one block of each size.

4.  Derby House BOM.

APQ every year has a finish up you UFO's list.  You make a list of 12 UFO's you want to finish.  My goal was to get my UFO's to finished top stage.  January I worked on my Seasons BOM.  This month Derby House BOM.  The above block is the last block I needed to finish.  Now I need to sew all the blocks into a quilt top.

That's it for now.  I have a list of projects I need to work on today.

Thanks for stopping by.  I hope you are all keeping safe and getting some sewing done.

Hugs, Cathy

Wednesday, February 3, 2021

It's a Beautiful Day

 In the Neighborhood.  The sun is shining and the snow and ice is melting.  It's going to be hard to go to my basement sewing room.  But I have lots to do.

A few things to share.

1.  January Mini.  I forgot to share it last month.

This mini is approximately 4" x 6".  I made a bunch of these for Christmas presents.  All different.  I adore moose so last month I made this for me.

2.  Ready for Spring.  Jen Gaston has started a new block of the week quilt on facebook.  I love her designs.

Her design used wool on a cotton background.  I chose to do mine using cotton on cotton and did needle turn applique.  There will be a total of 9 blocks.

3.  Pat Sloan's Home Is....

This is block 4.  You got the option of a dog or a cat.  This represents our dog Sammie.

4.  Annabelle BOM

I finished all 18 blocks for the next border.  This month there will 18 blocks of a different pattern to complete this border.

Today I am going to be working on Barbara Brackman's Hands All Around BOM.  I'm making one block each of the different sizes.  16", 12", and 8".  When finished I should have enough blocks for a couple of quilts.

Thanks so much for stopping by.  Stay safe and get some sewing done.

Hugs, Cathy