Tuesday, February 26, 2013

February UFO's

At the beginning of the month I joined Carrie for some UFO Busting.  My goals were:

1.  Make an additional 10 blocks for my Log Cabin Bow Ties.  I did not plan on finishing it.

I started out with 26 blocks and managed to make an additional 6 blocks.  Not sure how big I want this quilt to be.  It will be an on going project.

2.  I wanted to finish the applique on my Henrietta Whiskers quilt and then to baste the quilt for hand quilting.

I did finish the applique.  Also added my initials and the year.  It is hand basted and I will start hand quilting it next month.

3.  I wanted to pin baste, machine quilt and bind my Autumn Plus quilt.

A FINISH!!!!  This will be going in the mail next week to Hubby's friend. 

So I only have one finish but I did accomplish most of what I wanted to do.  I have already gone through my list of UFOs and have picked the 3 I want to work on for next month.

I've not only been trying to do some UFO Busting, I've also been starting new projects.

I finished my American Jewels quilt top.

I'm really happy with how it turned out.  I need to purchase some backing and binding fabric.  This quilt was made from a Layer Cake.

I recently purchased some quilt batts.  I got 5 Thermore queen size quilt batts by Hobson for $9.00 each.  They are none bearding and thin.  I love to use thin batts for my wall quilts.

I got them on clearance at Jo-Ann's.  I just love a bargain.

Just wanted to show you what I have hanging on the living room wall.

I'm sure I've shown this before.  I made it while living in the U.P. taking care of my Dad.  It was made for my husband for Christmas 2008.  The pattern was a Fons and Porter pattern.  The patterns were stretched out over a year in their magazine.

Don't forget about my giveaway....

You can enter the giveaway here.  You have until February 28th.  I will draw 2 winners on March 1st.

We are expecting a major snow storm here today.  It has already hit in the southwest and midwest.  So I am going to hunker down in the sewing room.  I want to finish my Temecula SAL quilt top.  And I have a few other projects to work on.

Stay warm and have a great week.

Hugs, Cathy

Sunday, February 24, 2013

Oscars Tonight!!!

Oscar Night always brings back some fond memories.  When I was a kid, my Mom and my Aunt Bunne always got together on Oscar Night.  They would take turns at each other's house and would make a real evening out of it.  I always loved it when it was Mom's turn because she would let me stay up late.  They are both gone now....but the memories are still here.

Tonight while watching the Oscars I will be sewing down the binding  on my Autumn Plus quilt.

It is sitting on top of a very large pile of tops that need quilting.  I think that there are around 30...   I really need to get some quilting done.  This quilt is one of the projects that I listed at the beginning of the month that is on my UFO Busting list.  Check one off.

I got my Quilts by Cheri SAL quilt done.

I really like how it turned out.  I hand quilted it using black thread.   On Cheri's post she showed a little quilt she made out of extra blocks.

I had a few left over and this is what I made out of one block.  I'm sending this to my friend instead of the windmill quilt.  

You might remember that I made the girls in my family 12" quilts to hand on a table frame.  I decided I need to get started on making them more.  The first one I am going to make them is a Cup Cake Quilt to hang for birthdays.  

This is the first I have started.  I need to put a cherry on top.  I think the girls are going to like these.

Don't forget about the giveaway....you have until February "28".  Enter here.
Good Luck and thanks to everyone for being a follower.

Well I'm off to the sewing room.  I hope you are having a wonderful weekend.

Hugs, Cathy

Thursday, February 21, 2013

Snow, Snow, Go Away...

Come Back Another Day...

I am so ready for some warm tropical breezes.  However, I don't see that in my immediate future.

Not a lot to show you today.  I've been mostly hand quilting my Cheri Payne Quilt a Long quilt.  Should have it finished by the beginning of next week.  I got my Henrietta Whiskers quilt basted for hand quilting.  I pin basted my Autumn Plus quilt and a table runner.  I plan on machine quilt them sometime next week.

Remember I told you that I won a quilt pattern from Sharon at Fabrics 'n Flowers.  It's called Jewel Box.  Well I had a layer cake and charm pack of "Old Glory Gatherings" by Primitive Gatherings for Moda and decided to do a patriotic version.

I call mine "American Jewels".

Here is Sharon's version:

This quilt is really easy to make and goes very quickly.  Again, you need to go to her blog and check out her patterns.  I love them.

Now don't forget to enter my Giveaway.

Go here to enter.  This is really a lovely book.  Good Luck to all.  Remember you have until February 38th to enter.  Ha Ha I meant the 28th.  Guess I needed a few more days to get some quilting done...lol  I will pick 2 winners on March 1.  Be sure to leave a way to contact you.

Thanks for stopping by and have a wonderful day.

Hugs, Cathy

Sunday, February 17, 2013

What a Beautiful Sunday Morning for a Giveaway

The sun is shining, the snow is glistening and it is beautiful out.  However, it is bitterly cold.  Yesterday it was terrible out.  It snowed all day, the roads were slick and there were accidents everywhere.  What a difference a day makes.

I will tell you about the Giveaway at the end of this post.

I have been working on a few different projects the last couple of days.

1.  Patchwork Posse's Winter Wonderland.  I redid my first row in blues and          then made the second row.  It is a combination of pieced blocks and embroidery.

2.  I made the February block for Sentimental Stitches Pieced Sampler BOM.

3.  I made Row 4 of the Temecula Sew a Long.

I really love how this is coming along.

4.  I made a little Windmill Quilt.

I got a Brother Label Maker the other day and decided to get organized in my sewing room.  Well at least I tried.  These little blocks were in a box.  I didn't even remember making them.  They are paper pieced and finish at 2".  I wasn't sure what size to make the side and corner triangles....but recently I got a new app for my phone.  It is the "Robert Kaufman Quilting Calculator".  It gives you measurements for Backing and Batting, Piece Count, Pieces to Yardage Area, Border Yardage, Square in a Square and Set-in and Corner Triangles.  I have used it quite a bit.

Any way.  This little quilt once quilted and bound is going to a friend.

Now for the giveaway.  I recently bought 2 copies of a book for myself and a friend.  Duh....We both already had the book.  Therefore I am going to give a copy to 2 followers.  Here is the book.

The book is called "Dear Emma" by Country Threads.  They are one of my favorite designers.  In fact I am doing their "Sampler Quilt BOM".

To enter the giveaway:  Leave a comment stating you are a follower.  If you have a blog and mention the giveaway you will get a second entry to the giveaway.  

You will have until the end of the month.  I will announce the winners on March 1.

I'm putting a pork loin in the slow cooker so I will be free to sew all day.  I want to start a new quilt...I won the pattern last week.

Hope you are having a wonderful weekend and have found some time to sew and quilt.

Hugs, Cathy

Wednesday, February 13, 2013

One Down Three to Go...

I had chosen 3 UFOs to work on for the month of February.

1.  Make 10 Log Cabin Bow Tie Blocks. So far I have 5 made for a total of 31.
     Only 89 to go...lol

2.  Get my Autumn Plus Quilt quilted.  I finally got the backing pieced.  Will
     sandwich it this weekend.

3.  Finish the applique on my Henrietta Whiskers Quilt.....Ta Da!!

I added my initials and the year.  Hopefully this will get sandwiched this weekend and then I can start hand quilting it.  So I'm doing pretty good with my list.  I'm already thinking of what UFOs to work on next month.

Yesterday we went to Lake St. Clair Metro Park.  Should have gone today because it is bright and sunny out.  Yesterday it was very gray out.  But we had a nice walk.

They were out ice fishing on the lake.  And as you can see we weren't the only ones walking dogs.  Sammie barked at the St. Bernard.  If he would have barked back I know she would have hidden behind us.

After walking the board walk we drove over by the boat launching area.  We usually see swans over there and today was no exception.

This pair was between us and the Island.  They are so beautiful and serene.

About 100 feet away in the canal we found another pair of swans as well as some ducks.

We almost missed seeing them as they blended so well with the ice.

They swam over to the other side of the canal.  Then the one swan spied a duck and didn't like the looks of him.  The chase was on.

As quickly as the chase began it quit.  I guess the swan had better things to do.

I hope you enjoyed by walk at the park and the swans.  I really love watching them.

I hope you are having a wonderful and productive week.

Hugs, Cathy

Monday, February 11, 2013

Sew Much to Show You

First off I told you yesterday was my 24th Wedding Anniversary.  We went to MGM Grand Casino...won a little...lost more...lol   Then we went out for a late lunch at Ruby Tuesday.  Lunch was delicious.  I was very surprised that my hubby got me a gift.

It is the sweetest little doll quilt.  It just has the top and backing and is tied. I really love it.  I always look for doll quilts while antiquing but haven't picked up many.  The ones I love are always very expensive.

I've got a few more finishes for February.

It is only about 9" x 11".  This was made out of left over triangle pieces from other projects.  

Here is my hatchet block quilt.  It is approximately 22" x 22"  I thought it could be a wall quilt or a table quilt.

Here is a close up of the quilting.  Very simple.  I first machine stitched in the ditch and then I quilted 1/4" away from the seam.  I like the way it turned out.

Here is my third row of blocks for the Temecula SAL.  I got another 2 bags of reproduction scraps from Homestead Hearth and have had fun using them for these blocks.

Last but not least...

I won a pdf of this quilt from Sharon at Fabrics and Flowers.  She is a very talented quilt designer and quilter.  You should check out her blog.

Well I have lots on my plate today.  The latest row directions for the Patchwork Posse Winter round robin has been posted....and the Monday Mystery has posted today's piecing instructions....and I would love to make a few more Log Cabin Bow Tie blocks made....and I'm going through my scraps and cutting 2 1/2" squares to try and doing Pat Sloan's Scrap Busting SAL.

Hmmmm  sounds like I've got a few more want to do's than time....lol

Hope you have a great start to your week.

Hugs, Cathy 

Friday, February 8, 2013

Another Finish..

Another finish and 3 more ready to go.

I finished my "Grannies Scrap Box" for the "Simply Charming" sew-a-long.  This is my January/February quilt.  Now I need to pick a quilt for March/April.

Yesterday morning I sandwiched this quilt and 3 others.  One was a mini quilt I made 2 years ago from leftover triangle squares from other projects, one was my hatchet quilt, and the third was my Cheri's Quilts quilt-a-long.  The first three are going to be machine quilted and the Cheri quilt is going to be hand quilted.  Hopefully I can get the mini and the hatchet quilted today.

I woke up this morning to about 5" of snow.  It is still blowing out there but is suppose to stop this afternoon.  We've been lucky so far this year...but I think Mother Nature is going to get the last laugh.

I was going over old posts the other day and realized that my Blog Anniversary was in January.  It has been 2 years since my first post.  I sometimes wonder what I did before blogging...lol   I decided that I want to do a giveaway.  I will post information next week sometime.

Speaking of Anniversary's....Sunday my hubby and I will have been married 24 years.  We have had fun these last 24 years and I know there is more to come.  As some of you may know, he retired a year ago October.  We bought a new vehicle and a 26' travel trailer.  So far we have only gone on one trip... to Assateague Island in Maryland.  But look forward to lots of camping and traveling this year.  So I am trying to get lots of sewing and quilting done while it is cold out because even though I have a spot for my sewing machine and projects in the trailer I know I won't get as much done this summer.

So stayed tuned next week for news of the giveaway, stay warm or cool depending on where you live and get lots of quilting done.

Hugs, Cathy

Wednesday, February 6, 2013

The Sun is Shining...

And the snow is melting....But this is the quiet before the storm.  We are suppose to get 3" to 4" of snow tomorrow.  It's okay by me.  I won't be going anywhere.  I've been stuck in the house with a horrible head cold.  If it wasn't for Day-Quil or Nite-Quil I wouldn't be able to function.  I got a little bit of sewing done the last couple of days.

1.  3 Log Cabin Bow Tie Blocks (February UFO Busting)

2.  Patchwork Posse Round Robin...Row 1

Can you believe I signed up for another sew-a-long?  Yeah, I believe it too.  I am such a sucker for sew-a-longs.  

3.  Okay I am also doing a Mystery Mystery.  Nothing to show because I just picked out fabrics and did the cutting.

4.  And then there is the Block of the Month Sampler Quilt from Joined at the Hip....I just couldn't resist.

These are January and February's blocks.  

5.  I have the rest of the applique pieces basted on my Henrietta quilt.  I am going to work on it tonight.  (February UFO Busting).

So for now I'm going to snuggle down in my easy chair and if I can get Sammie to take a nap in her bed and not my lap I may get some applique done.  

Hugs, Cathy

Sunday, February 3, 2013

First Finish for February

My first finish for February is my Abundance Quilt.

Again, a big thanks to Lori at Humble Quilts of another wonderful quilt-a-long.

I also got my blocks done for the Country Threads Sampler Quilt BOM.

Each month you make 2 blocks.  A 12" and 6" block.

Temecula Quilt Co. posted the next row of blocks on Friday.

Again I am using the fabric scraps I received from Homestead Hearth.  The strips of fabric that I have between the rows are from I jelly roll I got from Connecting threads.  I really like the way this is looking.

I'm not sure if I told you...I am participating in a Quilt-a-Long with Kathie @ Kindred Quilts and Sandy @ Loves to Quilt.  Each month we are making a small quilt from "Simply Charming" by Tara Lynn Darr. 

This is my February quilt, "Grannies Scrap Box".  It took 2 days to cut it out and one day to sew it together.  Now I need to sandwich it, quilt it and bind it before the end of the month.  There are some really sweet quilts in this book.

Today is Superbowl Sunday for my hubby.  For me it is Supersew Sunday...lol.
I plan on making some Log Cabin Bow Tie blocks today.  

The sun is shining here in Michigan, although it is really cold out and snow on the ground.  So keep warm, enjoy the game, get some sewing done and come back and visit again.

Hugs, Cathy

Friday, February 1, 2013

UFO Busting

I decided to join Carrie at A Passion for Applique for her Nothing But UFO's 2013.  However, I will be doing some new projects as well.  I am all linked up and now I just have to pick my UFO's.  I have too many to choose from.

Here are my picks:

1.  Log Cabin Bow Ties

I started these blocks in early 2011.  They are paper pieced.  I don't plan on finishing this quilt this month but I would love to make at least another 10 blocks.

2.  Henrietta Whiskers

I started this quilt in 2011.  This week I sewed on all the borders.  I would like to get the final applique done and then sandwich this quilt.  It will then go on my quilt frame to hand quilt.

3.  Autumn Plus Sign Quilt

I made this quilt top last November.  It is a gift for a friend of my husbands.  My goal is to get it sandwiched and machine quilted this month.

Well here are my UFO's for February.  Wish me luck.

Hugs, Cathy