Friday, July 1, 2016

Gwennie Round 2 and Round 3 Theme

Isn't this fun.  I am so enjoying this Gwennie Inspired Medallion Round Robin.

The theme for the second round was "Childhood" memories.  My memory comes from a cross country camping trip my parents took us when I was 13.  We had 6 weeks of vacation...a wonderful vacation filled with so many memories but one still stands out after 53 years.  We left our home in Michigan and traveled to California via the southern route and returned home via the northern route.  Our trusty old stationwagon pulled our trailer...with some bumps along the way.  The car wasn't as fond of the trip as it was to us

We made it to Yosemite National Park.  On the Fourth of July we took a drive up into the mountains.  The car decided to over heat.  Luckily there was still snow up there.  We packed the engine in snow and then had the best snow ball fight of our lives.  Us 4 kids and mom and dad in shorts throwing snowballs at each other.  That memory was the inspiration for my 2nd round.

As before I started with a drawing to decide what size my snow balls should be.

And here it is.  It looks a little wobbly because of my design wall.  I am so happy with the was it looks.

Here is my second more modern looking Medallion quilt.  So different from the first but I'm happy with it too.

I will be linking up with Cynthia at

Now for the Round 3 theme.  

Log cabin.  Be inspired by all the different Log Cabin blocks.  From the above picture traditional block to Courthouse Steps, Spiral Log Cabin, Quarter Log Cabin, etc.  Or be inspired by the names of Log Cabin Settings, Streak of Lightning, Barn Raising....etc.

Have fun with it.  Make it as simple or as involved as you like.  We look forward to seeing how the Log Cabin block inspires you.

Thanks for stopping by.

Hugs, Cathy