Sunday, December 30, 2018

Antebellum Album

Is least the top is finished.

The photo is a bit wonky..  I folded the top border so I could fit the entire quilt in the photo.  This was such a wonderful sew along.  Barbara Brackman did a wonderful job with the directions for each block.  I chose a different setting for the blocks.  The border fabric is a Patek/Brannock design.  It's years old.

Thanks for stopping by.  Have a safe and  Happy New Year.

Hugs, Cathy

Wednesday, December 26, 2018

Antebelum Album and more

The final block is done.  All the blocks are sewn together and that is needed is to add the border.  

Here is my block 12.  I don't know why when I take a photo of these blocks the background looks pink.  It's not.  It is tea dyed muslin.  Oh well...  I will take a photo of the quilt top once I add the borders.  I did a different setting than the one suggested.  

It was a quilty Christmas in the Buel household.  Hubby did good.

He went to an estate sale and found this Signature quilt.

It is dated 1953.

He also found another quilt.

This is a pre-printed quilt.  Probably a Chinese made quilt.  But it is cute.  It has cat paw prints around the entire quilt.

Here is a close up.

I had mentioned to him that I really liked a quilt I saw in the Connecting Threads catalog.

I was quite surprised that he ordered the kit.  He also got me an eight pack of white, grays and black threads.

I hope you all had a wonderful Christmas.  We didn't have a white Christmas but it was nice.  We had a family get together with family.  It was good to see the grand kids.

Thanks for stopping bye.  I wish you all a very Happy New Year.

Hugs, Cathy

Sunday, December 9, 2018

Antebelllum Album and a Win

We are so close to the end of the Antebellum Album BOM.  Here is my block 11.

I'm thinking I need to add something in the center of this block.  The fabric I am using in all the blocks is a tea dyed muslin.  It looks like it is pink.  I started to putting the blocks together.  I really love how it is looking.

Last week Katy at Katy Quilts celebrated 10 years of blogging with a mini quilt giveaway.  She gave away 10 mini quilts.  I entered the giveaway and won.

Isn't it adorable.  I love it.

The weather is cold here but luckily no snow.  Checking out the weather this morning I see there is some winter storm warnings all over the norther part of the country.  My son in the Upper Peninsula is expecting 3 - 6 inches of snow.  I'll keep our cold, sunny weather.

Thanks for stopping by.  

Hugs, Cathy