Monday, December 30, 2019

End of Year

I tried to finish up some projects and just missed the mark.

I finished this months blocks for Mrs. Lincolns Quilt.

I'm working on this quilt with Julie.

Next is Celebrating Mary Brown.

 As you can see I didn't get it finished.  Also it is a really bad photo.  This is Block 4 Row 1.

Be sure to stop by and see what the others are working on.
KarenJulieNanette and her friend JanJennieRobin, and Rebecca.  I love how everyone does their blocks.

I also finished a few other blocks.  Here are my Cheddarback blocks.

I made Christmas Table Quilt but I didn't get it quilted so it is going to be a Christmas gift for next year.

It is a large Hexagon.  It looked a little plain till I added the snowflake in the middle.  I used a Sizzix die for the snowflake.

For an early Christmas gift I ordered the Derby House BOM.  It comes with fabric and pattern each month.

I love the fabrics.  I finished these yesterday.  I can't wait to see what blocks we will be working on in January.

Well this year had some low points.  We lost our youngest brother to a brain tumor.  In the last 20 years he had had 2 surgeries to remove the tumor.  They told him each time it would return and it did.  We were lucky to have had him as long as we did.  We miss him so very much.

The second is (as you know) I was diagnosed with breast cancer in September, surgery at the end of October, and Radiation treatments in November and December.  I finished the treatments Dec. 18.  They told me I would feel worse before I felt better...they were right.  My breast looks like it has a sunburn.  But gradually it is getting better.  I see the radiologist on Jan 2 and then I will start taking the hormone reduction pill.

I also had a bone density test which showed I'm in the normal range.  And I saw a geneticist.  They did a blood test.  I was negative for both Brca1 and 2.  And negative for a whole list of things.  Great news for me and my girls.

So here's to the new year.  I know it will be a good year.

Thanks so much for stopping by.  I'm always glad to hear from you.

Hugs, Cathy