Wednesday, March 22, 2017

I Can Finally Sew Again

It's been a little over a week since I had Carpal Tunnel surgery.  Yesterday I had the stitches removed.  I still have some soreness in my hand but I am so happy to say I can now sew again.

I sewed 3 rows of my Cross Terrain together.  The rows are randomly sewn together.  After I'm done I will put them in the order that looks the most appealing to me.

I had a hard time pinning the blocks because I still have some pain.  But each row I sew the less pain I have.

Today I finished sewing the binding down on my Modern Gwennie.  I only had  to finish one side and managed to get it done this morning.

It looks pretty wonky here because it is up on my design wall.  I'm going to sending this quilt to Lori at Humble Quilts so it can be part of show in May.

I am itching to get some applique done.  I only have about 3 weeks and then I am going to have my left hand done.  I didn't realize how bad it was until I couldn't use my right hand.  I will be so glad with I am done with this.

I wouldn't have believed I would have Carpal Tunnel surgery and a week later I would back to normal...with just a little stiffness and soreness.

Thanks for stopping by.  I hope you are enjoying some sunshine.  It is glorious here although a little bit on the cool side.

Hugs, Cathy

Saturday, March 11, 2017

A Few Finishes

I'm trying to finish up a few projects before my Carpal Tunnel surgery on Monday.

This is block 3 for the Red and Green BOM.

This is block 13 for my Sally Post quilt.  I still have block 14 prepped and ready to go.

I got all the blocks sewn for my Cross Terrain quilt.  I put them up on my design wall and played with them till I was happy with the placement.  I took the blocks down and clipped them together by rows with binding clips.  I got one row sewn together.  Hopefully I can start sewing sometime next week.

This morning we went to watch my granddaughter Ashley play hockey.  She had one game last night (they won) and one game at 10:00am.  We had about an hour drive to get there.  It was like a family reunion.  All four of my kids were there and 3 of my grandchildren.  My brother and his wife were there and even my ex-husband came.  It was a nice time.  Ashley's team won 8-0 and she scored a goal.  They have 2 games tomorrow.  I'm hoping to make it.

Monday I have my surgery scheduled for 6:00am.  Hopefully I will only have a few days down time.  Until then I hope you get some sewing done. Thanks for stopping by.

Hugs, Cathy

Saturday, March 4, 2017

Tired Hands

My hands have been bothering me.  I have tremors and numbness.  So my doctor sent me to a Neurologist.  He did an EMG.  Sent me to a hand surgeon.  The outcome is I have to have Carpal Tendon Surgery on my right hand.  It is scheduled for March 13.  Luckily I am have a scope surgery.  The doctor told me I will only have a 2 to 3 day down time.  After that I will be having the same thing done on my left hand.  I am so happy that I will have minimal down time as I have so many projects to work on.

Speaking of projects....   Here is what I have been working on.

Here is my Sally Post block #12.  I have 13 and 14 prepped and ready to go.  I am working on the 3rd block for my Red and Green quilt and will show you my progress soon.

Next up is my Friendship blocks.

Here are blocks 21-28.  I only have about 150 blocks to  I think I may make a smaller quilt.

Finally up....  I have all the blocks sewn for my Cross Terrain quilt.  I am going to put the blocks up on my design wall later today and start getting the quilt top sewn.

I am excited...Friday my son, daughter in law and granddaughter will be coming down.  My granddaughter Ashley will be participating in a Hockey Tournament.  I love watching her play hockey.

Thanks for stopping by.  I hope you have a wonderful weekend.

Hugs, Cathy