Tuesday, June 30, 2020

Time Flies again!

I had every plan of posting more often...but I didn't.  So I have a lot to share.

1.  Sentimental Stitches 3030 Block of the Week.

Block 1

 Block 2

 Block 3

 Block 4

2.  Bee in My Bonnet Block of the Week.

3.  Barbara Brackman's Yankee Notions.

This is block 6.  It was supposed to machine pieced.  I didn't want to do that so I made a large miss shaped 9 patched and then I appliqued the curved pieces on to the block.  It turned out good.

4.  Celebrating Mary Brown.

This is last month's block.  It took forever to finish.

This is this month's block.  I didn't have enough light when I photographed it.  The background is the same as the first block.

Here are all the blocks for the first two rows (Minus the ones I just finished) put together.  Next up is the 4 block for the corner.

5.  Providence BOM.

These are the blocks for month 4.  So now all the blocks for the quilt are finished.  They are 12" finished blocks.

6.  Mrs. Lincolns Quilt.

These are blocks from Month 10.  I'm working on this quilt with Julie at juliekquilts.blogspot.com.

7.  Derby House BOM.

I have 2 more appliqued seed blocks to finish.  But I knew I wouldn't get them done in time.

8.  A Finish...finally

This is the quilt designed by a group of quilters led by Lori at Humble quilts.  I finally got it bound and a label sewn on the back.  I so love this quilt.

I tried to add links to this post but i can't.  Blogger says it no longer supports this.  Not sure if I like the new blogger...this is the old blogger.

I hope you all enjoyed the photos.  Thanks so much for stopping by.

Hugs, Cathy

Sunday, June 7, 2020

Playing Catch Up

And starting new...

1. I finished the applique block from last month for my Derby House BOM.

I love the fabrics used in this quilt.  They are Mackinaw Island by Minick and Simpson.

2. Quilt Doodles.

These blocks finish at 20".

3.  I started a new quilt project.

It is a new BOW by Bee in my Bonnet using her Christmas book.  This will be a quick quilt.

4.  Another new quilt.

This is the first block for Sentimental Stitches BOW called 3030.  The original used fabrics from the 30's.  I'm going more country colors.

5.  Here's the photo of my finished Rainbow Quilt.

I quilted it in a large cross hatch.  

6.  I finished my Salt Water Taffy quilt top.

Hubby held it up outside.  It was a sunny day and the colors look a little washed up.

I'm still working on last month's Mary Brown block.  There are so many tiny leaves and my eyes get tired working on them

Oops, I did it again.  I signed up for another Connecting Threads BOM.  This one will also come with fabric.  It is a Calendar themed quilt.  When I get the first month's package I will show you what it looks like.

I don't think I'm doing too bad for the first week of June.  However, I have so many projects and so little time.

Thanks for stopping by.  I so enjoy hearing your comments.

Hugs, Cathy