Thursday, June 19, 2014

It's Been Awhile...

10 days to be exact since my last post.  I have lots to show you.

Last year I joined an Internet block swap for a block they called "Japanese X Block".  It was a disaster.  The woman who hosted it sent out changes to the list at least every other day.  The order of who to send to each month changed.  It was chaotic.  I followed the best I could.  Sent out blocks to everyone on the list.  I even sent blocks to the hostess...who BTW didn't send any out to anyone.  Some blocks were well constructed, some were slightly smaller than they were suppose to be and some had seam allowances that were 1/8".  I didn't receive blocks from everyone so I need to make about 14 blocks myself.  But low and behold I can scratch this off my June "To Do" list.

Definitely not my colors or style but it is growing on me.  My husband who likes very traditional quilts said he doesn't know why but he likes it.

With this top made I now have another project box emptied.

Do you see it.  I have a storage unit that I didn't put the doors on.  The top two shelves have my project boxes and the bottom two shelves have my sewing machines on them.  Now I get to find a new project to put in the empty box.

A few more finishes to show you.

 Another Common Threads Block.

Hip Chicks June BOM's.

Quilt Doodles BOM.  The Skates are for June.

Another Sally Post Block.  Not perfect but it is done.

Huckleberry Stitches is hosting a monthly QAL of Kathleen Tracy's quilts (with Kathy's approval).  This month was a log cabin quilt.

I finished the quilt and hand quilted it.  I just need to add the binding which I hope to do today.  I used fabrics I got in a scrap bag of CW reproduction fabrics.

We have been having some terrible storms rolling through and we expect more later today.  The humidity has been high and it has made it hard to sew...but I am bound and determined to get some more projects done.

Oh and yesterday my Amazon Fire TV came.  My son came over and set it up.  I love it.  Especially the remote that I can talk into and it brings up what I want.  I've been watching my Amazon Prime via my computer but this is so much better.

I am going to have a hectic weekend...we are dog sitting my daughter's dog.  His name is Bear and he looks very similar to our Sammie.  They get along great but love to run all over.  Sometimes I have to separate them so they will rest.  It will be interesting.

Thanks so much for stopping by.  I hope you have seen something you like or that inspires you.  I know I am inspired daily by the blogs I read.

Hugs, Cathy


Karen said...

With your X box problems, it is still turning out okay. Very scrappy and I like it. I have to find my Sally Post blocks and start stitching the quilt top together. They are hidden in the sewing room somewhere.

Janet O. said...

You have successfully created a respectable quilt out of a bad experience. I have heard many stories like yours over the years and hence I have been very hesitant about swaps. I have only done a couple with individuals--no group swaps.
Love that little log cabin quilt!

Vivian said...

Ditto to the above comments. There's no way I will ever participate in an online swap. But you made a fantastic Q out of a bad situation. It's really quite stunning!
You keep up with so many BOM projects! Very impressive, all of them.

Kyle said...

I agree about swaps. Your quilt looks great. Glad you emptied one of your boxes. The little log cabin has some wonderful fabrics. Nicely done!

donna said...

Oh my gosh, Cathy you have been a busy gal. So sorry y'all are having storms. I so know about the humidity. Hope you have a great sewing day today.

Cheryl said...

Internet block exchanges can be tricky...yours came out lovely! I wish I had your commitment to finishing projects! I keep getting distracted.

Needled Mom said...

Your x&+ quilt came out really well in spite of the problems you had.

Kathy ... aka Nana said...

Good for you for making lemonade out of lemons (your X blocks). It's not really my colors or style, either ... but there's something very appealing to me about it. Love it and those other little blocks you made. My 6 y.o. grandson loves the Common Threads block and asked me to make him a quilt like that. :-o

Ruth said...

I have only done one swap and it was very successful except for one person who was in a chaotic situation and didn't send me blocks. However, I was very happy with the quality. It was a group of ladies that met through the APQ web site when they first set up a blog in 2007 (I believe it was). Since then I have met some of them in person and we still keep in touch through our blogs. I love your organization shelves. Something for me to strive for!

Carrie P. said...

Too bad the block exchange was a flop. Not a very nice hostess either. I do like the blocks though and that is one quilt on my to do list.
Your log cabin is so sweet.
I have seen commercials for the Amazon TV. Sounds like you are enjoying it.

Barb said...

Hello! great projects going. I love the log cabin blocks
the Japanese X blocks are really fun and colorful

Tilda H said...

I love your log cabin, it turned out GREAT! the others are also very lovely as well! The x quilt is beautiful, I agree with your hubby, something about it is catching to the eye.

Can't wait for the parade!

audrey said...

You're always so busy! The Japanese X block quilt is wonderful. I think the block itself lends itself so well to scrappy blocks that all the 'inadequacies' disappear. At least to us.:)

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