Sunday, May 25, 2014

May's "To Do" List

Is done......

1.  Disappearing 4 Patch  

 Once quilted this is going to my Grandson Brian's girlfriend who just graduated with a Nursing Degree.

2.  Work on Lori & Randy's QAL

 It is ready for quilting.

3.  Sugar Shack BOM

4.  Globetrotting BOM

5. Hip Chicks

6.  Country Threads BOM

7.  Quilt Doodles BOM

8.  Aurifil BOM

 9.  APQ QAL

I noticed when I was writing this post that I made an error on one of the blocks.  Can you pick it out.  I also was trying out a different sashing then the one in the original.

10.  Common Threads Series

Next month I hope to work on the next 4 blocks in the series.

I also finished the top for the "This and That" Mystery Monday quilt.  I haven't gotten a picture of it yet.  And I am working on the Pam Buda Market Day QAL.  Still need to do Fridays part.

So now I have some free time.  Tomorrow we are going to a Memorial Day Parade that my father-in-law will be in.  And I will have some time to sandwich some quilts and get some quilting done.

I hope you are enjoying your holiday weekend and thank you for stopping by.

Hugs, Cathy


Kindred Quilts said...

Amazing accomplishments, Cathy! Do you ever sleep?!?!?!?

Gayle said...

Each one of your projects is better than the last - and they ALL appeal to me! It took awhile, but I think I found the sewing boo boo in your APQ quilt - lower left block - in the lower right corner has a red & white 4-patch turned the wrong way.

Kathy ... aka Nana said...

Wow! Just making such a to-do list is mind boggling ... but that you actually were able to check every one of them off your list was fantastic! Each new quilt or block would make me think, it was the best looking one ... until I saw the one after it! They're ALL beautiful!! I hope you'll share some pictures of your Market Day QAL blocks ... I am going to wait to work on them ... we were gone during so much of the QAL. I've saved each week's steps and will get to them before too much longer ... after all, I thought the fabrics for it back in March on my visit to Homestead Hearth.

Sandie @ crazy'boutquilts said...

Wow! Love all the projects~ esp the first quilt. Disappearing 4 or 9 patch? I get the two confused. I still want to do the APQ quilt too. (your little 4 patch wanted to be different) ;-) Have a happy weekend!

Terry said...

You had a great sewing month! :0)

Karen said...

My favorites are the Common Threads and the quilt from Lori's sew-along. I found my sewing along piece a couple days ago. I still need to do the applique border.

Janet O. said...

How do you do it? How in the world do you have your "to do" list finished (such a long list, too) and there is still a week left in the month? It boggles my mind!! : )
So many wonderful projects, but your Lori/Randy SAL especially catches my eye!

paulette said...

Your projects are ALL wonderful!! Your fix is an easy one to make..thank goodness! Such lovely blocks!

Carrie P. said...

Goodness! what great projects you are working on.