Friday, September 27, 2013

Good Morning Sunshine

You know there is nothing better than to wake up to Sunshine!!  The weather has been beautiful.  It puts you in such a good mood.  In my case a sewing mood.

I have a few projects in the works

The first is the Raspberry Rabbits kit I got a few months ago.

I trimmed the applique block and added borders to two sides.  I got it all basted as you can see.  I've started hand quilting it and should have it done this weekend.

I've been working on my  BOM's.  The first is the August Country Threads Block.

This is the 12" Block.

 And this is the 6" block.  Don't know why they are so fuzzy.

The next BOM is from Almost Amish BOM.

I just printed up the patterns for the next 3 blocks for the Hip Chick BOM.  Hope to have something to show you this weekend.

While going through pictures for this post and came across some pictures of a park in Chessening, MI we visited while camping.  Hope you enjoy them.

 As you can see it was such a beautiful day and a very serene place.

Well I'm off to my sewing room to work some  Thanks for stopping by and have a wonderful weekend.

Hugs, Cathy

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Carrie P. said...

your blocks are very pretty. it does look like you are enjoying the same weather I am. It is gorgeous. Off to my sewing room too.