Tuesday, August 27, 2013

A Picnic and some Dear Jane

Saturday, August 24, would have been my Dad's 92 birthday.  We lost Dad in 2010.  Well to celebrate his birthday Terry and I went on a picnic with my Baby brother Steve and my sister-in-law Dawn at Kensington Metro Park.  We had a nice time.  Good food and good conversation.  I brought along a photo album of pictures I took while I was Dad's care giver.  They hadn't seen them.  After we had lunch we went over to the Nature center and then took a walk around the lake and through the woods.  Here are some of the pictures I took.

This color of this Goldfinch just popped against all the green.

I've got this thing for mushrooms and fungi.  Don't know why but I do.

These turtles were on the other side of the pond.  My brother spotted them first.  I was really happy with how the picture came out from such a far distance.

This beautiful Sandhill Crane was just sitting by the Nature center.  There are signs all over that say don't feed the cranes.  We learned the hard way last year when they chased my husband trying to get food from him...lol

These butterflies were every where.  So beautiful.

There were lily pads all over.  These were close to the board walk along one side of the lake.

You can see above how many lily pads there were.  If you look real close you might just see a Blue Heron.  There were quite a few flying around.

We couldn't have asked for a better day and we plan on doing this again real soon.

I got a little sewing done.  I stress little because it has been so hot that even with air conditioning in my sewing room I dripping.

Here is Dear Jane Block 4....

And Dear Jane Block 5....

I also make a 12" x 12" memory quilt that I was commissioned to make.  Can't really show it to you because of the pictures.

Other than that....Oh I forgot.  I won a giveaway from Kyle at "Timeless Reflections".  I won a Clover needle dome and some needles.  I'm so excited.
Other than that not much going on here.  To hot and humid to do much.

Hope your week is going well and thank you for stopping by.

Hugs, Cathy


Carrie P. said...

how cool that you got to see a crane.
hot and humid down in NC too.

Kyle said...

I use to go to Kensington Park when I was a kid! Looks like a beautiful day?

Terry said...

We have sandhill cranes that spend the summer in the bottoms across the road from where we live. I've seen so many little groups of them flying over lately. They sound so cool! :0)

libbyquilter said...

i find fungi and mushrooms fascinating too.
love that you were able to capture some great shots of birds and other wildlife while you enjoyed your day with family.


Allie said...

Lovely pics - I haven't been there in years. Almost drowned in Kensington lake as a child, lol. Glad you enjoyed your day!

Karen said...

I keep saying it but one of these days I will start a Dear Jane quilt. I have so many other things that I want to make that the idea keeps getting pushed back. Keep plugging away at yours!

Jen said...

Hi! Cathy, Lovely photos from your picnic day. I love photos from nature especially birds.I have sewed block #1 and #4 of Dear Jane, in total 16 blocks so far.I think a small wall hanging is what I will decide on.