Saturday, November 26, 2011

A Quilt, A Walk and A Winner

I finished my 4 little basket blocks.  The fabric I used to set them
is a very tiny window pane check.  I am really happy with the
way it turned out.  Now I need to sandwich it and put it on the pile
of quilts that need to be quilted.

Yesterday was so beautiful out that we decided to go for a
walk.  We went out to Metro Beach, but instead of walking by
the water we walked the nature trail.  We didn't see any deer this
time but we did see some swans.  I couldn't believe how long the necks are.

If you look at the far side of the pond you can just make out another
swan.  I think that is why this one was in such a big hurry to get to
this pond.  After I took this photo he flew to the side of the
other swan.

Let's see, I think there was something else that I was suppose to
post about.....what was it.......

Oh yes....the winner of the My Memories Software.

Drum Roll Please......

The winner is:

Sandie-call me Crazy

Sandie I will be in touch with you next week with the code
so you can download the software.  You are really going to
have fun with this.

Thanks to everyone who entered, sorry you all couldn't win.  But don't forget that you can still get the software by clicking on the logo at the top of my blog and save $10 too.


Janet O. said...

Looks like a beautiful place for a fall walk. Love the photos.
Congrats to Sandie!

Impera Magna said...

Very nice finish on that quilt top... and I can see why you love walking so much! What a lovely area... and swans! Can it get any better than this?


Betty Lou said...

Wonderful pictures of the swans and of course your basket quilt. Glad to see that someone else has a pile to be quilted. Congratulations Sandy!

Sandie @ crazy'boutquilts said...

Love your little quilt. And how neat to live near a lake with swans. I love to watch them.
Thank you!!! Squeal! I am so excited about this software! :-)

Allie said...

That basket quilt is just darling, Cathy! How many do you have that need quilted? Love the pics of the swans, wasn't it a gorgeous day? I wish it would stay like that. Not a chance.

Congrats to Sandie, you will love it!

Maureen said...

Sweet little quilt! Lovely shade of blue.
Thanks for sharing the photos from your walk. It does look beautiful out. The last couple days were nice here, too.
Congrats to Sandie.

Anne said...

Beautiful quilt! I love swans - we have black ones here and they have been waddling around with their goslings along the river that runs through our city. Looks like it was a wonderful day for you.

Gail said...

Your blue baskets are so sweet, very nice. Love the swan pictures, made me remember going to a place that had black swans.. I didn't know they existed, so it was a double surprise to find swans there.