Sunday, September 4, 2011

So Much Done....

First of all a question.  What do you think of my new header picture?  It reminds me of the end of summer.
I've been busy this last week.

This is September's EQ7 BOM.  It was a difficult block that I made easier by dividing up the block into squares and triangles. 

Here is the nine blocks all together.  It is going to be a nice wall hanging when its done.

I got behind on my Barbara Brackman CW Blocks.  Now I'm up to date. 

I really love the 15 minutes play BOM.  I ran out of cheddar and bought some new fabric.  It is slightly different but I think it will work.  This is the Anvil block.  Victoria posted a tutorial for the block on the 15 minutes play blog.  The link is on my side bar.

Here is Cowen's quilt.  I just finished sewing down the binding this morning and had to hang it up to get a picture.  I love how it turned out.  I machine quilted in the ditch on the pieced blocks and had quilted either a heart or star in the plain blocks.  I backed it with some flannel fabric.  Now we await the arrival of Cowen.

I've mentioned before that I belong to a group called "Quilters, Books and Bindings".  We are all reading the same book and then we are making a quilt from some aspect of the book.  The book is The Lover's Knot by Clare O'Donohue.  It takes place in a town on the shores of the Hudson River.  In the book there is a scene along the river where the main character in the book is re-proposed to .  This is what my quilt is based on.  I made it small so I can kill two birds with one quilt.  When I'm done it will be my September AAQI quilt.

And finally.....

I'm changing out my quilts again.  I love this Log Cabin quilt.  I was given a ton of strips from a quilting friend.  At the time my daughter, Kim, was just starting to sew so I offered them to her.  She declined by saying you can't make anything from them.  Well I just had to prove her wrong.  This is what I came up with.  You know my scraps are getting bigger so I think it is time to make another Log Cabin quilt. 

I hope you have had a nice time visiting with me today.  I've enjoyed sharing. 

Wishing you a quilty weekend.

Hugs, Cathy


Janet O. said...

You have been very busy! I like your colors on the EQ7 BOM. Almost seems tropical to me.
I think you did a great job showing dear daughter what can be done with a bunch of scraps. Beautiful log cabin quilt!

Impera_Magna said...

What Janet said... you got a ton of stuff done!

Love your new header... very "end of summer" feel to it!

Maureen said...

A busy post! Your new header photo is lovely. I just noticed the dogwood trees are starting to turn color here. I love the changing seasons.
Neat idea to combine the hand and machine quilting. Cowens quilt will be much loved.
Always love a log cabin and yours is no exception.

Em said...

Cathy, I was taken with your header when your blog opened. I found myself wanting to twist my neck in the direction of each layer. And...I thought, she is packing up for another winter. Holy Camole, girl, you have been busy and I LOVE LOVE the variety of beauty. I smiled when I saw your 15 minute play block because the sky in my Desert scape is blue liberation blocks and I had so much fun creating it. Thank you for sharing and I am so glad I had a moment to visit you!!!!!!

Carrie P. said...

I like your new header.
You have been busy.
Cowen's turned out great. I really like it.
The group sounds really fun. What a neat idea to make a quilt to go along with the book.
I love log cabin quilts. One of my first quilts was one.

jen said...

Hello Cathy,I am travelling and seem to be late trying to keep up with everyone. I cant believe what you have achieved.I was watching Cowen's quilt squares and now it is finished and looks lovely with the blue binding. You certainly have been busy with all the projects and also doing some reading!!