Friday, May 6, 2022

Every Month is a New Beginning

 I love the beginning of the month.  I write up my list of what I want to accomplish.  I have my BOM's, new projects and my APQ UFO of the month.  I try and keep the list to 10 projects.  More than 10 and I won't get them all done.  Less than 10 and I'm running around looking for something to do.

1. This month's APQ UFO for May is #11, Fig Tree Quilts Strawberry Garden.  I had 7 months finished.  I started working on Month 8.  This is the first month that we started putting sections together.

I had to make a few blocks but mostly I made filler blocks.  It was really nice to see the quilt taking shape.  I've got the blocks that I made for Month 9 up on my design wall.  I still have to make a few more blocks and then filler blocks and borders.

2.  I got my monthly packet of fabrics and patterns for the Manchester by the Sea by Fig Tree Quilts.  The colors in this quilt make me so happy.

The sailboats or Dinghy's as the pattern calls them are so adorable.  

3.  Bee in My Bonnet Sew Happy Quilt.

One of these cherry blocks will in the center of a Hole in the Barn Door block and the others will stand alone.  These blocks are 4 1/2".  I only work on these when I need a quick project to work on.

4.  My final project is 4" bow tie blocks.

I have a bag of plaids and stripes and when I get a few spare moments I pull out my Electric Accuquilt Cutter and my Bowtie die and cut away.  This will be an on- going project.  No end in sight.  When I get enough for a quilt I'll stop.

I did start working on some of these projects April 29th.  The rest I started on May 1st. I feel very accomplished.  It's a good feeling.

Tuesday I went to the Urologist for my 6th month check up after having Bladder Cancer Surgery.  I go every 3 months and have a cystoscopy.  Good news every thing looks good.  So back again in August.

I hope you are enjoying some good weather.  Our weather has been good one day and rain the next.  I'm learning to enjoy the good ones.

Thanks so much for stopping by.

Hugs, Cathy


Julierose said...

Oh good med. news, Cathy--praying that it will stay the same for you!!

I love those bow ties and also the Manchester by the Sea--How do you work on these--one a day or one a week?
I have so many blocks started and not finished...and find it hard to work on more than one or two things at one time--I guess I have to think about working on them a little at a time and not worry so about finishes...Hard for me not to just work on one until it is finished..
[I was going to just chuck out all of them yesterday, but thought I should re-think it!].
I am thinking I need more bigger storage containers and labels to keep track. Funny how we all think so differently about our projects.
I hope your Mother's Day weekend is a great one, Cathy--
hugs {and prayers} Julierose

Janet O. said...

Such good news about your cancer checkup, Cathy! So happy for you!
Your first two projects are in such fresh, spring-like colors. Love them.
I do like your cherry blocks. Very cute.
Oh, I do love a quilt made in plaids, and how clever to do it in the bowtie block. I'll have to take a look at that die. I definitely have plenty of plaids for it, but I have told myself I can't start new projects until I have a few more finished, so that leaves me in a pickle. Speaking of which, I did buy the pickle dish die and I have been pondering using some plaids in that. Hmmmm...

Chopin - A Passionate Quilter said...

Happy Mother' Day Cathy!!! And what great news on the medical front. I enjoy watching all of your projects! I am starting a new one this week-end. Once we hit the 15th of the month it is like the month is already gone! Have a great day and week and take care! Hugs

Cynthia@wabi-sabi-quilts said...

That's great about your medical appointment, must be a relief! I think your plaid and striped bow ties are terrific and will make such a cozy quilt. The fabrics are so fitting to the pattern and I love that scrappy look. Glad you are having good weather! Weather here in North Carolina is so lovely right now.

Lori said...

Yay for good health news!
I always love seeing your monthly projects!!