Tuesday, January 7, 2014

Baby It's Cold Outside!!!

I don't know what it is like in your neck of the woods but last night with wind chill it was -40 degrees.  Now that is cold.  It has been good days to stay in my sewing room.

I didn't get to show you a couple of Christmas gifts I did manage to finish for my step son Scott and his wife Amanda.

This is a candle mat I made.  It is a Primitive Gatherings pattern.  First one I ever made and I was really happy with the way it turned out.

This Little Twister quilt was made with reproduction civil war fabrics.  It was the perfect size to hang on the table quilt stand I got them last year.

This little quilt came about when I was going through some quilt blocks I had stored in a box.  The background is made up of 4 patches.  Then I designed the flower, stem and leaf.  It's not too big and I plan on playing with it a bit more.

I put my nose to the grind stone and got some sewing done.

I managed to get another 4 blocks made for Ashley's quilt.  They are quick to put together since I had cut all the pieces for the quilt last summer.  I now have 4 rows sewn together (I forgot to take a picture of them before I took them off the design wall).  I just have to make 4 more blocks, add the border and it will be ready to quilt.  These aren't colors I would normally put together but when Ashley saw this quilt on my computer she wanted me to make it for her.  I had her go to the paint store and pick out paint chips in the colors she wanted.  I matched them pretty good.

I now have my Joined at the Hip BOM up on the design wall.  Yesterday I made 3 more blocks for it and got one more cut out.

Once I finish the last 3 blocks it will be ready for a border and quilting.  It was fun working on this.

With this cold weather and snow it doesn't look like we will be going anywhere to soon.  So I get to spend lots of time in my sewing room.  Hubby however has been doing nothing but shoveling snow.  He had that pretty much under control and then last night the snow plow came through and filled the end of the driveway up with snow and totally covered his car which he parks in the front of the house.  I need to go tell him it is time to take a break.  He's not a kid anymore....lol

Stay warm and keep in touch.

Hugs, Cathy 


Terry said...

It's definitely good sewing weather! I love your twister! Stay warm! :0)

Janet O. said...

I love the Primitive Gatherings mat, and the Twister with a black border is calling my name!! : )
Hope the sewing room is cozy and warm!

Maureen said...

We aren't that cold but it was cold enough for us here in Virginia. I think the wind chill was just below zero. We had a balmy 31 degrees this afternoon! Looks like a lot of fun projects. Fun to work with wool for a change. Love your fabrics for the twister quilt. It's a great pattern - looks difficult though it is easy. One of these days I'll make a random sampler. Yours is coming together beautifully!

Carrie P. said...

whew! that is cold. good thing you have a hobby--quilting!!!
I am going to make a twister quilt this year. My friend let me borrow her ruler.